An Increase in Outdoor Advertising Opportunities Can Be Obtained with the Help of Sidewalk Signs

Why would you, as a restaurant or retail business owner, post an additional sign to the one that is currently on your property? The line of sight of a prospective client is quite essential. People frequently pass your store while walking up and down the sidewalk, paying no attention to you or what you’re offering. Since sidewalk signs are in their direct line of sight, they won’t even need to glance up to notice them. This crucial element necessitates letter boards and A-frame signage for a little extra promotion. Over 100 different sidewalk sign designs with fold-flat construction, wind-deflecting springs, and wheels are included in our extensive assortment. Although certain types are better suited to particular markets or uses, these portable outdoor sign displays aim to draw customers into your establishment by promoting your name or luring potential customers with deals.

What different types of outdoor signs and sign holders are there?

Rugged polyethylene creates plastic sidewalk signs in the classic folding A-frame design. Their most significant benefit is their ability to withstand harsh outdoor settings and be practically indestructible. They are great signage options for parking lots, garages, valet services, and construction zones because they won’t dent or splinter.

Various metal sidewalk signs are available, with aluminum snap-open frames being the most popular. These are intended to display posters behind transparent safety glasses. The framing’s four sides flip open for quick graphic adjustments. A different design is the steel A-frame, which has magnetic lenses that only adhere to the steel frame. The metal signs are undoubtedly a step up in appearance from their plastic counterparts and offer a more fabulous style in their overall presentation.

Another standard style of sidewalk sign is a changeable letter board, which provides the merchant with numerous lines of personalized text space to design eye-catching and simple-to-read advertisements. Each pavement sign is equipped with letters, numbers, and symbols that may be utilized countless times to promote a special occasion or introduce brand-new merchandise.

The restaurant service sector frequently uses sidewalk marker boards. They are particularly suited to promoting restaurant meal specials or happy hour discounts because of their wood framing and black writing surface. The marker boards can serve as a platform for catchy lines, jokes, and other literary pieces to entice thirsty customers, depending on the artist’s skill. Make folks grin or laugh at least once, and perhaps they’ll post a picture on social media to support your marketing efforts.

Many locations that use outdoor advertising require signage that is wind-resistant. Swinger signs have horizontal support bars or hanging hooks, whereas the fillable base and T-style variants have base springs. The grounds in the first two lines can receive additional ballast in the form of sand or water. There is no reason you cannot utilize an outdoor pavement or curb sign if the environment at your place of business is prone to windy weather. Due to their proximity to pedestrians, your portable displays need to be erect and sturdy. Therefore the added weight aids in this.

For outdoor use, real estate frames and yard stakes are standard options. Realtors frequently employ portable signs when promoting an open house or new listing. These typically take the shape of foldable A-frames that are simple to store in the trunk and quickly erect. Yard stakes are the solution for companies looking for a cost-effective display of temporary signs. These are specific items made in the shape of an “H” from thick steel wire. The two top spikes are then used to secure corrugated plastic signs. These are cost-effective solutions for yard services like landscaping and fertilizer businesses. They are also widely used during election years.

As simple as using an outdoor sign display to advertise your company may seem, there are certain limitations. We advise you to review the use and application of the zoning regulations in your area. It will be beneficial to comprehend your restrictions (or lack thereof) when employing one of our goods because every town or city is unique.

Types and Uses of Sidewalk Signs

Directly in front of your potential client’s eyes can make a big difference with advertising signs. Occasionally, people pass by your establishment as they walk up or down the sidewalk. The best way to attract potential clients who pass your shop carelessly is with sidewalk signs. It is the most effective technique to publicize attractive discounts and specials and entice customers into your store. Some classic sidewalk signage forms are A-boards, sandwich boards, pavement signs, and chalkboard signs. Let’s examine the following categories of sidewalk signs:


Traditional folding A-board displays constructed of durable polyethylene are known as plastic sidewalk signs. Plastic sidewalks are an excellent alternative for parking lots, construction zones, garages, etc., because outdoor signage needs to resist the harsh outside climate.


Metal signs are more aesthetically pleasing than plastic sidewalks in their overall presentation. A type of metal display called a steel A-board with magnetic lenses. Posters are shown in this manner behind transparent safety lenses.


Winds can ruin your plan to use sidewalk signage for advertising goods and services. Wind-resistant signage is required for a company that relies heavily on outdoor advertising. Heavy wind-resistant walkways will maintain the stability and uprightness of your display if your company is subject to windy situations.

Changeable letter boards

Retailers may design unique, simple-to-read advertising messages for their target markets using a changeable letter board. You can utilize groups of numbers, letters, and symbols as often as possible to boost your marketing effort.

Real estate A-frames

Real estate can be promoted effectively with the help of portable signs. A folding A-board is very simple to carry and set up on your property. Sidewalk signs have many different uses. Sidewalk signs can be used for various advertising purposes, from promotional to instructional and safety.

To receive signage goods for your organization that will deliver results, it is crucial to consult a recognized and dependable sign firm. A Sign Promotion is an industry leader in creating A-frame signage for various settings. As a customer-oriented sign manufacturer in Edmonton, we use high-quality materials that efficiently and durably accomplish the task. A-boards are standing signage in the shape of an A frequently used for marketing and instruction. Utilize your commercial signage wisely. Purchase signs that accurately reflect your brand. For more details on our signage items, visit our website!

The advantages of sidewalk signs

Small company owners wishing to advertise their goods or services can take advantage of several advantages provided by outdoor sidewalk signs. A sidewalk sign can encourage customers to enter from the street by luring impulse shoppers. Even the tiniest businesses can benefit from a sensible and reasonable investment in a sidewalk sign visible to onlookers. Most sign businesses provide sidewalk signage for any price range.

Attract Attention

According to the New York State Small Business Development Center, studies suggest that firms use signage outside on the premises to enhance their sales and profitability. Indicate on your sidewalk sign what visitors can expect to find if they enter. Make an excellent first impression by posting statements that are direct and concise. If you leave some white space around the content of your message, it will be easier to read. Another technique to make it easier for people to scan your sign is to surround the text with a border.

Multiple Designs

A business can alter the message on a sidewalk sign with interchangeable letters. If this specific style of sidewalk sign isn’t what you’re looking for, there are also poster frames and white or black marker boards available. Sidewalk signs allow you to update the message whenever you need to alert potential customers to price reductions or special offers. Additionally, many sidewalk sign designs are dual-sided, providing your company exposure from two angles.


Sidewalk signs are made of solid and weather-resistant materials that withstand all kinds of weather. High-quality, fading-resistant polymers may make signs last for many years. Some types feature bases that may be filled with sand or water to strengthen the sign’s resistance to wind. Most signs fold flat for storage when not in use and require no upkeep. Sidewalk signs are generally portable and lightweight, making it simple to relocate them from one place to another. The signal can even be moved indoors. Many A-frame signs, which come in various designs, feature a handle at the top for simple carrying.

Inexpensive Advertising

A sidewalk sign alerts the general public to the presence of your establishment and frequently encourages passersby to enter. Once the sign’s first investment, which can be as little as $100, is made, this straightforward but efficient marketing tactic offers small firms low-cost commercial advertising. Even though you only have to pay for the sign once, it keeps promoting your business each time you put it up. Create your message in a comprehensible format. Letter spacing, color, and letter size are all essential factors in an effective advertisement. People can read your sign more quickly if you effectively employ color, contrast, and white space. Do not overwrite your sign with words. Use color combinations with contrast rather than identical colors to improve visibility and draw attention to your main message.

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