All About Diabetic Compression Socks

Do you or your loved one suffer from diabetes? If yes, you probably know that it reduces sensation in your feet, increasing the chances of nerve injury. Diabetes also diminishes blood flow to the feet, leading to infections.

That’s why you need diabetic compression socks to protect your feet.

Besides excellent comfort, these socks provide light compression and enhance blood flow within your feet. This article will discuss all that you need to know about diabetes socks.

What Are Compression Socks?  

Diabetic compression socks are designed to provide maximum comfort to people with diabetes, especially in their lower legs and feet. They are usually available in numerous shapes and styles for men and women.

Besides enhancing blood circulation, the socks keep your feet dry and reduce the possibilities of nerve damage. As diabetes increases the chances of nerve damage in the feet, these compression socks protect your feet and keep them warm.

Benefits of Compression Socks

Do they feel like any regular pair of socks? Well, they are extremely stretchy and apply almost no pressure to your lower leg region. So, no more calf marks left behind tight socks!

Given below are some essential characteristics and the advantages of diabetic socks.

  • They are usually seamless and are very gentle to the skin.
  • Designed with beautiful cotton fabric, they’ll easily keep your feet dry.
  • The sock cushions consist of padding that makes you comfortable and protects your feet from injuries.
  • They are usually crafted using moisture-wicking material that soaks up moisture, which prevents infections and odor.
  • Some socks are manufactured using silver or copper yarn that has antimicrobial properties for complete foot protection.

How to Choose the Right Socks

Choosing the right compression socks depends upon your health condition or complications. Here are some factors to consider –

  • If you don’t have neuropathy, choose socks that offer you the best comfort.
  • If the neuropathy has worsened or is new, you need to consult a doctor before choosing the pair of socks.
  • Avoid socks that are too tight if you have developed poor blood circulation due to diabetes.
  • People with neuropathy and dry skin on their feet must go for compression socks with very soft material.
  • If the neuropathy is at an advanced stage when you don’t have much sensation in your feet, wear perfect-fitting socks.
  • Avoid socks that rub against your skin too much.

Wearing Compression Socks Conveniently 

Buying the right pair of socks is just getting half the job done. You have to wear them properly and take care of yourself to get the most out of these socks.

This is because wearing socks might be difficult for people having arthritis along with diabetes, so they can’t bend down. Hence, keep your pair of socks on your bedside table to wear them right after waking up.

You can also use a sock aid for assistance while wearing them. However, the easiest way to wear them is to start from the bottom and go up slowly. If you are facing trouble while wearing it, you can ask a family member to help you out.

Tip: Buy two extra pairs of diabetic socks in case you need to clean one pair.

Wrap Up 

To keep these socks running for a long time, dry them using low heat. However, avoid wearing torn pair of diabetic compression socks and replace them with a new one.

You must also keep your feet clean and dry. So, wash them thoroughly every day and try to wear comfortable shoes.

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