Airsoft vs Airgun: A Complete Comparison

Airguns and airsoft guns are sought after and collected by many individuals around the world, especially in the USA. The global airguns and airsoft guns market size was 1.65 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach above 2 billion in 2021.

However, not many people know about their distinctive characteristics and end up getting confused between them.

Still, there is enough demand in the market for wholesale airsoft guns and air guns.

Both faux firearms have their own uses and benefits. This article aims to break them down and help you gain a better understanding of both.

What are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft is an extreme sport that has gained a lot of popularity among people who love playing paintball. It’s mostly similar to paintball but instead of a paint gun, it uses airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns look identical to real firearms and function like one. They add more fun and realism to the sport without making a mess of the play area.

But if an airsoft gun looks identical to a real firearm, how can you tell them apart? Well, to make them legal in most countries, they are fitted with an orange tip at the end of the barrel. This marking distinguishes them from real firearms.

It’s also worth noting that distributors or manufacturers both are forbidden to sell airsoft guns without it.

What are Air Guns?

Air guns may sound similar to airsoft guns but they are a completely different contraption. Instead of being used in sport and game activities, air guns launch projectiles using air pressure. Those projectiles can be tiny metal pellets that can kill squirrels and rabbits.

These types of firearms aren’t completely lethal to humans but can cause severe damage if shot towards one. This is why the manufacturers clearly mention that airguns are for pest control while airsoft guns are for harmless fun.

Differences between Airsoft and Air Guns

Now that we have discussed what the two actually are, let’s get into the nitty gritty of things that set them apart.

Do They Have Similar Hardware?

Airsoft guns make use of shorter barrels than airguns and are mostly made out of plastic. The plastic build makes the gun really lightweight and easily distinguishable from real firearms.

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Another characteristic of airsoft guns is that they do not shoot with much power. Since they are mostly used in fun sports, they have low-pressure chambers that shoot the pallet at a harmless speed.

Airguns, on the other hand, are completely opposite from airsoft guns when it comes to hardware. They are expensive to manufacture and use higher-quality hardware with long barrels. This makes the airgun extremely durable and can even last a lifetime.

While purchasing these guns, weight and price aren’t taken much into consideration.

Which one’s more Powerful?

Power is also a factor that differentiates these two items. Air guns used smaller metal or lead ammo but with greater power and so they penetrate deeper to target objects.

On the other hand, airsoft guns have less capacity as their purpose is not to hit something hard. But both the air gun and airsoft gun covered the range of 500+ fps.

Their difference in Accuracy?

At first, it is hard to point out the accuracy level in these two guns and apparently, both have the best results. But, on keen observation air guns are clear.

The reason can be the steel or lead pellets that are more resistant to the environment as compared to airsoft gun pallets (that are made of plastic).

Here another thing that is important, is the quality of material used for a gun. A quality airsoft gun that is fully tuned can give amazing results also. In addition to it, airsoft guns have the edge of hop-up so that is good for gliding.

Do They Require Any Specific Shooting Environment?

Obviously, the Shooting environment is different for both guns as their purposes are different. Steel ammo is used in air guns, so it can severely damage the body. Must wear eye protection to avoid any damage. Other protective gear is also good.  Should be careful about the window and other delicate items while using the air guns.

While the airsoft game is good for indoor shooting games as they are harmless. Make sure to wear proper clothing while making fun with airsoft games.

What’s the Cost Difference Between Them?

Airsoft and airgun can be used with few differences but the selection will be on the basis of prices. But the prices directly depend on the quality of the gun.

However, pellets are of different material like steel and for that reason, the prices level of the airgun will be higher than the airsoft Guns


After the above writing, the concept of airsoft guns and airguns is clear. Even the business can utilize this knowledge for the guides of their customers.

Even while buying the wholesale airsoft guns and airguns stock these points of difference will be helpful.

Do you still have any confusion about airsoft guns and airguns? If so, then share your question with us to get better assistance.

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