Acne can be caused by many reasons

Actually, acne can be caused by many reasons. Whether it’s from internal factors (hormones, stress, hereditary skin conditions) or external factors. (bacteria Residue of charge from facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า , food pollution, etc.) Therefore, foam without foam or leaving no marks on the skin is not suitable for people with acne from other causes. Many times we find that Those who have acne and use non-foaming foam. Acne did not disappear. But it can reduce acne in some people.

Many of you who have used without bubbles (No electric charge) will feel that you can’t wash it off completely, still slippery, but it’s really washed out. without leaving a charge on the skin But the moisture and natural fatty acids of the skin are still there.

Regular foaming cleansers โฟมล้างหน้า sometimes do not always clean better. (If you wear makeup or use a thick sunscreen But if you wash it too well, your skin will become dry and tight, causing your skin to wrinkle more quickly in the future. But the key point is If not cleaned There is a high chance that the foam will leave a charge on the skin. Because normally our facial skin is already charged. If using foamed or charged foam Chance of foamy foam will discharge opposite charge. (Opposite charges will absorb each other) with the surface, so it is possible. (But it’s not that it can always cause acne, depending on the person. If you want to prevent acne from this cause can choose to use foam without foam)

Surfactants normally have two parts in their structure: the head (usually charged to bind to water) and tail (uncharged to hold grease and dirt). Tighten the grip surface and come off with the washed water.

The surfactant is nonionic or nonionic surfactant has a head that can catch water. But does not disintegrate the charge indicator, so there is no bubble, and the tail can capture dirt or grease as before. So it definitely doesn’t leave a charge on the skin. just to feel slippery If you are not worried about the smoothness after washing, the foam-free formula would be a better choice.

If you notice carefully, Japan is very popular lately for foam with a lot of foam like a pump head because it is believed that the soft foam will help reduce friction between the hand and the skin. He claimed that he hardly had to use his hands to touch the skin at all. Just gently rub the bubbles along the skin and wash it off, it’s like a lot of things according to the popular trend. (I firmly believe that it is better to use the weight of your hands gently to help the foam wash away the dirt.)

Tip : Know the Golden Age

The golden age is a person who has entered a period of change in life from an adult to an old age. Generally, menopause begins at the age of 40 for both men and women. Many people are afraid Because I have heard that people at this age will experience changes in their bodies and emotions. Irritability and discomfort until causing the people around him to be affected as well But the truth is that we can live comfortably in the golden age. If you practice and take care of your health regularly

golden age woman

In the early stages, there will be symptoms that can be noticed, such as easily irritated, insomnia, hot flashes, abnormal sweating in spite of where the weather is not hot Some people easily forget performance deteriorates

It is divided into 3 periods:

In the first period, aged 40-45 years, menstruation will come faster, such as from the past every month, it will come every 3 weeks.

The second period is about 45-50 years old. The menstrual period will start to be different for some people, it may be 2-3 months once.

The third period is the real menopause period. Around 50 years old, menstruation disappears for a long time. We will judge menopause only after 1 year of periods are gone.

There are two stages of the physical symptoms of menopause:

In the short term, there will be hot flashes. Abnormally excessive sweating, often at night, insomnia, fatigue, boredom, irritability, forgetfulness

Long-term, vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, difficulty urinating, osteoporosis It is more common with those who have gone through menopause for 4-5 years.

golden age man

Menopausal men are males with testosterone. (testosterone) decreased to show various symptoms of testosterone deficiency The symptoms are divided into 3 parts.

  1. Nervous system and mind, including forgetfulness, irritability, anxiety
  2. Physical aspects: hot flashes (can occur in men who are in the menopause as well as in women in the menopause), joint pain, body aches despite not having strenuous activity and decreased muscle strength Some muscles begin to atrophy.
  3. Sexual aspects, including beard growth slower Sexual arousal begins to decline lack of interest in sexual activities Decreased erection, worst of all, is the inability to have sexual activity at all. (Many of you do not want to disclose in this kind of matter) and should be careful about the urinary system, prostate gland enlargement too.
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