A Step-By-Step Guide to Install and Use MT5 for the iOS Smartphone

Forex trading has become a popular trading option for people across the world. You can try forex trading depending on your financial goals. This field of trading is different from other trading options in many ways. For example, forex trading can bring faster success to investors. While other traders invest a large amount of money for a long time, you can start forex trading with a small amount. Visit multibank group

The best thing is that a small investment in forex trading can bring a good return. Besides the benefits, it has a few drawbacks. Risk is high in forex trading, especially if you like to shoot while blindfolded. Luck will not bring anytime in this field, as you need to work hard to make the most of the forex trading.

The Role of MetaTrader in Forex Trading

Traders should find a broker first to invest their money into forex trading. MetaTrader is the most trustworthy online brokerage platform for forex traders. If you are interested in forex trading, you must learn about MetaTrader. The platform keeps updated to assist traders in decision-making.

For example, a trader should know market trends before investing money. Nevertheless, risk assessment is essential before trading in a volatile space. MetaTrader ensures that traders find all sorts of virtual assistance in decision-making through its online platform. In the past, MetaTrader was only available for desktop users. But, it is not available on smartphone devices through the Android and iOS applications.

The latest version of MetaTrader is MetaTrader 5, and you can find it available in the Apple Store. So, how can iOS users deploy the application for their forex trading? What should iOS users keep in mind for trading using this platform? In the following section, you will get a detailed answer in this regard.

MT5 on Smartphone

MetaTrader is a popular platform for online forex trading. The platform is globally popular due to its compatibility with multiple currencies. Since various currency options are available, you can trade with your preferred currency sitting at home through the platform. Initially, MetaTrader desktop software was launched.

Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, and people have become well-accustomed to smartphone devices. In such a scenario, choosing the right trading platform is essential. An advanced trading platform should feature compatibility with smartphone devices. MetaTrader is a leading trading platform, and it has trading applications for Android and iOS users.

You can download and install MetaTrader 5 on your iOS device without any cost. You should create a profile after installing the app on your device. The next step is subscribing to the services that you want and start trading using the platform. The following section discusses the steps in detail to aid seamless trading on MetaTrader 5.

MT5 Download for iOS

Since MetaTrader gets updated with time, you need to find the latest version of the trading platform at the application store. At present, MetaTrader 5 is the latest version of MetaTrader, and it is poised with multiple features. So, you need to visit the application store and search for the MetaTrader 5 to download and install on your device.

Any iPhone user can access the Apple Store and find this application. Instead of iPhone users, iPad users can also access the store and search for the application. Click on the download option when you find the application in the Apple Store. The application will get automatically installed when downloading completes.

You must check the space available on your device if you encounter a download error. Free up the space if the device memory is full of images, videos, apps, and other data. Moreover, you require some additional free space to operate the application and install its plug-ins.

MetaTrader 5 Configuration

After installing the application on your device, you should configure it properly according to your requirements. A successful trader gives importance to this stage, as an effortless configuration is crucial to organise the application data.

If you are a new MetaTrader user, you should create an account first. The users need an email address to create an account on this trading platform. The existing users do not need to create an account, as they can easily login to the application using their existing login credentials.

The process of creating a new account is hassle-free, and it takes only a few seconds. Visit the settings page after creating an account and enter details according to your preference. You can link your credit cards, bank account, and other financial details on the settings page. Make sure that you enter the details with precision to avoid any mistakes during the trading.

Users should move to the other settings options after completing the basic settings. You need to follow the steps discussed below for an advanced setting.

  • Quotes: After creating an accent, you should choose an appropriate server according to your requirements. Under the quotes tab, you will find a bar in the top-right corner. Under this tab, you will find multiple financial tools.
  • Charts: Traders commonly use charts to check market trends before making a decision. The charts provide you with crucial information on different currencies. Nevertheless, you will find a seamless trading experience using the charts. You can initiate one-click trading by clicking on the One-Click Trading option. This will help you to save time before investing money in a particular trade using MT5.
  • Trade: Trade is the most crucial option for traders, as you will find multiple trade options under this tab. Traders look for open trade options to join the trade and invest money. Under this tab, you will also find data and insights on your current trades. A trader can develop trading strategies depending on these insights.
  • History: Under this section, you can view all trades, transactions, and deposits. Nevertheless, you can check withdrawals in this section. All trading information will be available at your fingertips when you use this particular tab for trading.


So, these are the fundamental configuration features that users should know before using demo account opening – accounts – metatrader 5 android help. Millions have trusted the trading platform of traders across the world. MetaTrader offers arrays of trading features and the safest trading platform forforex trading enthusiasts.


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