The safety of employees in a work environment is significant to their employers. If neglected, there could be devastating repercussions. The company site owner must enforce periodic safety fire and evacuation drills in the building. Along with that, having appropriate safety and emergency signs for people to follow is also significant. The purpose of these signs is to guide site workers and employees to the nearest safety point or huddle point. It ensures the individuals are away from any hazardous exposure.

Signs related to emergency and safety must be present at all critical points of a building, like a stairway or building entrance and exit points. When an emergency arises, people often forget all safety instructions they learned during drills. The only thing that could save their lives in such an instance is the signboard. They frantically start to run out of the building without giving it much thought, following the direction of these boards. Many types of signboards are used in professional spaces today. This article will not only explain the types but also talk about the importance of safety signages in a public setting.

Commonly used signages for safety and emergency instructions:

  • Emergency exit signboard: These boards are present at every exit of a building. They are commonly known as emergency fire exit signboards. They are green, indicating safety since green is a colour of peace. The human mind perceives different colours with different emotions as studied in colour psychology.
  • Ambulance pickup point sign: Amongst other emergency signs, ambulance pickup signage is one of the important ones. It is because, during situations like a collapse of an individual, bringing them to the hospital on time is a life or death situation. This sign allows good samaritans to help the individual reach the ambulance point on time.
  • First aid signage: The next important signboard that helps individuals in the workspace is first aid. Minor injuries in a work environment are common as people either trip and fall or have other accidents. First aid signs allow them to visit the on-duty medic to treat their injuries.
  • Emergency shower/ eyewash station signboard: This signage is a requirement in labs and factories. There is a possibility that workers and employees work with hazardous chemicals and substances regularly. If these substances come in contact with their bare skin or splash into their eyes, it could be life-threatening. The emergency wash station signage guides these employees to the immediate wash station to minimise the damage caused.

Benefits of emergency signs in public and business environments:

  • Follow building safety regulations: The federal and state safety regulation guidelines have made it mandatory to have emergency and safety signs in commercial spaces. Exit signs with bright lighting are to be present at every place necessary. For the signage to be visible, it must be at least 6 inches long and 2 inches broad. The illumination source can either be a bright light or neon paint reflecting the bright light from the vehicle’s headlight. If, during an inspection, these rules are not adhered to, the establishment could be fined for breaking protocol.
  • Assistance to first responders: These signs act as the first point of help for responders who are looking to escape the building during a fire or other danger. The emergency signs illuminated will ensure the safe escape of every individual. Signages present near fire extinguishers allow fire and safety marshals to access them easily. The employee, too, should receive semi-annual training on fire equipment and safety, which makes them aware of these signs.

These signs ensure instant communication, identification and timely warning that resolves any unforeseen issues of safety in any place.

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