9 Fashion tips for 2021 and 2022

Now that 2022 is just around the corner (I mean, more than half of 2021 is already gone), it’s time to start thinking about how you would like to look in 2022. As all trends are cyclical today, fashion will return to its roots in 2022, which means that this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to help push their wardrobe back into style.

Below are some tips to help you figure out what will be popular in 2022 so you can get ahead of the trend and have the most fashionable wardrobe next year, a list that we compiled with the help of MandM Direct!

  1. Fit over everything else. This has been an increasingly common theme found throughout fashion magazines since 2021, so it should come as no surprise that this coming year will bring even more emphasis on form-fitting clothing. While many people think this obsession with tightness only applies to pants and jeans, it applies to all types of clothing. For example, many popular brands of shirts today are produced in both long sleeve, and short sleeve versions that fit more tightly than traditional dress shirts did ten years ago.
  2. Ditch the logos. The decline of brand loyalty due to the rise of social media has led to increased popularity for subtlety in branding on clothing. This means that many new brands will become popular by not overbranding their items with visible logos or design elements (such as Adidas notoriously does). Additionally, people will look through Instagram hashtags to find trending brands instead of simply scrolling through advertisements like they used to do on Facebook/Twitter/Google+.
  3. Be ready for sandstorm 2022. The climate crisis has worsened over the years leading to devastating sandstorms that have crippled many cities. As a result, people are now preparing for these storms by wearing masks and umbrellas even when it is not raining. You will need to be ready with your mask and umbrella to avoid standing out in 2022.
  4. More earth tones. Since 2021 was such a notable year for all things neon, 2022 will emphasise more neutral colours like browns & greens. It is important to note that this does not mean bright primary colours from the 1990s will make a comeback, but instead expect muted variations of those infamous colours (like pine green or baby blue). Fact, colour palettes from the ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s will be very popular in 2022, so feel free to explore those decades for fashion inspiration.
  5. Explore functional fashion. Practicality has been a major trend in 2021, so this clothing style will likely continue into 2022. This includes everything from wearable technology to new fabrics with interesting properties (such as water resistance). Notice the large popularity of long trench coats instead of short rain jackets as people are now prioritizing comfort & practicality over weather protection.
  6. Get ready for holographic fashion. In case you missed all of the hype during 2021, Holographic clothing will be extremely popular next year! This means that many retailers will offer holographic versions of their clothing to differentiate themselves from all of the “normcore” being worn around them. While some brands will release entire lines made up just of holographic apparel, others will simply have a few select items available on a rotating basis.
  7. Be prepared for many feet. This may sound weird, but you should expect to see several toes sticking out at all times during 2022! In recent years, we have been seeing shoes with fewer and fewer laces each year, which was done to make it easier for people to put on their sneakers quickly in the morning before work/school. Unfortunately, this trend had unintended consequences that led people to wear their shoes even after they stopped fitting properly – but no more! You will need to start checking for any little tears in the fabric of your shoes as well as holes through which you can see your feet just to be safe. Also, women will now have their toes painted with a clear layer of protective nail polish, so you should expect to see many nails sticking out from the tops of boots & heels during 2022.
  8. No more makeup? While 2021 was a very popular year for makeup, it seems that people are starting to move away from wearing cosmetics daily. Many high-end fashion brands have been offering less expensive lines lately, which has led people to wear those items instead of regular designer products. In addition, the looming threat of holographic fashion has made some people decide that they no longer want to wear makeup as a way of standing out. While we don’t expect people to stop wearing makeup altogether, we predict that it will be down significantly from 2021 levels and much more subtle than what we are used to today (muted matte colours instead of sparkly glitters).
  9. Fashion is increasingly becoming “chic.” Many people in America have been turning away from high fashion because they feel it’s too expensive or elitist – but this is finally beginning to change. In 2022 you will notice a complete reversal where people now want their clothes to be unique & individualistic instead of conforming with the rest of society!

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