7 Prime Reasons to Live Sustainably

Sustainable living is understanding and meeting our everyday needs and developing goods and services for everyone to live better. You need to use the resources rationally and in the process, conserve them for future generations. Sustainability helps protect our ecosystem by improving the quality of our lives. This article focuses on the question, “Why live sustainably?”


People, a majority of them, lead a lifestyle using natural resources without conserving them for future generations. They harm the environment by throwing out harmful waste, which is non-degradable. Practicing sustainable lifestyle principles in line with the Sustainable Development Goals is essential to be in harmony with nature and preserve the environment for generations to come. Here are some essential reasons to live sustainably.

1. Conserves earth’s resources

We majorly depend on natural resources to fulfill our basic needs, but using them on such a massive scale will lead to their depletion. We need to conserve them by using little water, consuming little energy, using less paper, and eating less meat.

For instance, households in Singapore can play a vital role in lessening climate change by having energy-efficient homes and appliances, as well as developing energy-saving habits. By so doing, they can help conserve energy and save money on electricity bills.

2. Promotes healthier community

A healthy community is essential for people to live a safe and healthy life. As individuals, you are responsible for promoting sustainable living by taking steps to reduce toxins in the environment, which can adversely affect your health. Avoid sweeping or dusting inside and outside the house; instead, mop the dust from the floors, for the dust includes pesticides, lead, and flame retardants.

Don’t use pesticides to kill weeds and insects because they can increase the toxin level in the air. Keep your surroundings clean, without any waste. Use green cleaning products made using lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. Avoid plastics, for they include dioxins, which get easily mixed with your food and drinking water.

3. Reduces pollution

Learn pollution prevention by reducing, preventing, and eliminating pollution before it is created. For instance, Singapore is one of the cities that support the ‘Breathelife campaign’, which is run jointly by the United Nations Environment, World Health Organization (WHO), and the Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) to encourage individuals and cities to act against air pollution.

Introducing and using Euro IV and V standards for vehicles is a step towards minimizing the levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxides in the city. Moreover, you can live sustainably and reduce pollution by using equipment having energy-star labels, public transportation, environmentally friendly cleaning products, paints, etc.

4. Prepares for growth

A community that works towards sustainable living is prepared for growth. For instance, a city or town practicing sustainability will save natural resources and cleaner environment for a growing population. Similarly, a business that promotes sustainability in workplaces will make more profit and save more money, which can be utilized for its growth.

5. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

More than 95 percent of electricity produced in Singapore is from natural gas, which helps lower emissions. Using renewable energy is gaining popularity; thanks to the country’s efforts in running several projects to expand its solar generation capacity. Households can utilize free energy audits and start practicing those recommendations like using energy-saving bulbs and solar lights, buying solar panels, washing clothes in cold water, and purchasing carbon offsets.

6. Contributes to economic development

Communities practicing sustainable living will benefit from economic opportunities. For instance, implementing renewable energy projects will help develop the economy, offer job opportunities to people, and lower costs.

7. Ensures a future for everyone

By practicing all these explained above, you make a genuine effort to live sustainably and ensure that there is enough to meet the future generations’ needs.

Have everyone in your family follow these steps to ensure sustainable living so that future generations have enough resources to live a safe and healthy life.

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