6 Unconventional Ways to Advertise your Company

In today’s dog eat dog world, companies go head to head in their marketing campaigns to try and beat their competitors. As a small business owner, you may feel intimidated by the big players in your industry, especially when you’re in a fast-paced competitive market like food or fashion.

Sometimes, the most unconventional advertisements speak the loudest, and you don’t need to shell out millions of dollars to get the right advertisement that would bring in more customers to your business. Check out these 6 ways you can advertise your business without the high price tag!

1.  Advertise on promotional products

Promotional products have been proven to be effective in making consumers remember your brand. Useful items, like bags and umbrellas, actually make an impact on more than 70% of the consumers who receive them, with the consumers claiming that they remember the company better than its competitors when it comes to purchasing a product.

Companies like the Crystal Beverage Co. provide alternative options for promotional products other than the usual pen and umbrella. Their bottled waters speak louder than the print ads that you tune out from your line of vision, and you can customize the label to present your company information.

Bottled water is an example of a promotional product that is not only affordable, it also acts as a walking billboard to gain consumer attention, bringing more brand awareness to your business. can be a great consideration to find the best bottled water online.

2.  Go for green advertising

Green advertising is not only trendy, it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. As part of your corporate social responsibility, consider looking into green, eco-friendly options for your advertisements instead of the usual print and post ads.

There are multiple companies online that supply seed cards, which are business cards with plant seeds embedded in the paper fibers that consumers can plant after taking note of the information. There are also aluminum water bottles instead of plastic, that are reusable and better for the environment. Either way, green advertising is a great way to promote your brand.

3.  Do a viral marketing campaign

Nothing is certain – and this statement is most true in a viral marketing campaign. You won’t really know whether your promotional content will actually gain you engagements or go viral, but content marketing is a good way to establish a social media presence for your business.

Study the viral marketing campaigns where companies feature their products: like Blendtec and Buzzfeed Tasty, who insert their products into their interesting videos to capture the attention of their target audience, and subliminally get them to favour their brand over competitors’.

4.  Advertise through your packaging

You may be surprised to find out that packaging may be the key to bringing more brand awareness to your business. Get creative with your packaging, and you may let your product speak for itself better than any advertisement.

Collaborate with a local artist, or create an eye-catching design for your packaging to draw in more customers. You can find examples online of creative packaging, as well as ideas to bring your product to life through its box, bag, or any other packaging that you choose. Packaging may be the way you can stand out from your competition.

5.  Rethink your print ads

Rethink the way you print ads. Do you still use boring posters and expensive billboards, but they don’t seem to be worth their cost in ROI? Posters with stunning and controversial designs may work well in going viral and bringing attention to the brand, but print ads are starting to become mundane, and we tend to tune them out of our line of vision.

Oftentimes, consumers are disheartened by ads that show too much of the company’s information – being too wordy or too loud for the business. Instead, go for ads that are striking. Create designs that make consumers do a double take. Encourage creativity, and focus first on grabbing the attention of the consumer then show your product or service.

6.  Know your target audience

Of course, know your target market. Follow their trends, what they like, and what they don’t like. Figure out the best way to reach them: either through social media, flyers, or physical advertisements.

A social media listener should be able to help your brand to figure out the trends that you should be following, especially when you’re in the fashion industry or producing music. By integrating current trends into your business, you are not only

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