6 Tips to Build a Successful Eyelash Extension Business

The beauty services and hairdressing service industry has a market size of over AUD 6.6 billion as of 2021, with over 35,000 active businesses. The exponential growth rate makes it one of the most sought-after services in the country today. Therefore, for those who want to start their own business in the cosmetics and beauty industry, starting a parlour that provides eyelash extension services might be the best choice.

Meanwhile, by taking up an online lash extension course, practising and following a few other steps, one has the potential to be a full-fledged business owner of a successful salon and display their most creative designs to happy clients.

1. Get Certified From a Trusted Organisation

In order to have one’s beauty salon or practice as an eyelash extension specialist in Australia, one must be qualified and certified by a licensed agency. Therefore, the first thing they must do is get a certification from a regular or online lash extension course and a business course available for up-and-coming eyelash artists.

During the course, they will first understand the biological and natural eyelash growth cycle and related subjects. Professionals train the individuals about types of lash extensions, pre-application steps, application techniques, shapes, styles and more. They will also learn about the safety precautions and practices that professionals must follow during each session. The training professionals in the field also guide potential business owners about pricing eyelash extension services.

2. Build a Good Repository of Eyelash Stash

After obtaining the training and the certification, the individual must invest in good quality lash extensions, tweezers, gel remover, glue and other accessories required to start the practice. They can experiment with different products to test their quality, safety and style before zeroing in on particular brands and designs.

3. Pick an Optimal Operating Space

Beginning an independent eyelash extension business can seem daunting, especially when one has to invest in a plot or a space to practice. As such, there are different options available for such upcoming professionals. They can either start running the business from their own homes or offer on-location and mobile services for clients, rent a space in a salon or rent a studio or a room nearby to run the business. But, the crucial thing to look for is if the place is clean, safe and comfortable for the expert and the clients.

4. Practice the Craft on Friends and Family

Practice is the key to perfection. And in the beginning, the clients for a business will usually be family and friends; so, one must not feel dejected. Rather they must use this opportunity to finetune their skills and gain experience. It also helps the professionals become confident and obtain more clients. Besides, building trusting and warm relationships is the key to a successful business. And there are multiple solo business owners’ groups where they can network and spread the word about their business and collaborate with other such professionals.

5. Decide on the Business Model and Registration

The professionals must also register their business, following the rules and regulations of the region for tax purposes. There are multiple business structures they can opt to begin their business. And it includes partnering with another salon, a corporation, a Limited Liability Company or having the sole proprietorship of the business. As such, many small businesses usually opt for a sole proprietorship or an LLC.

6. Marketing and Reviews Are Critical for Growth

Apart from word of mouth, social media marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies available today. It is accessible by any individual, and small businesses can have immense success acquiring clients by posting their creative work and receiving reviews about their businesses. And using marketing techniques like posting before and after photos or videos of transformation can help them gain visibility and boost the business.

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