6 Factors That Positively Impact Your Car Insurance Premium!

Compare car insurance plans and request an online car insurance quote before buying, everybody says. We, too, say the same, but with an additional point. We also ask you to compare car insurance online before renewing a policy to avail of the best offer in town. If you still find your insurer in the top spots, you may continue with the renewal process. Else, you always have a choice to switch.

Irrespective of the vehicle insurance plan chosen, some false steps may cost you dearly. You need to know a few of the fundamental lessons regarding things affecting your car insurance online premium. We advise you on some preventive measures to avert these pitfalls so you can save some money and be on the winning side.

Stay Inconspicuous

Maintaining a low profile is necessary to stay guarded against car theft. Some of the preventive measures you may take to limit the chances of an attempted break-in or theft are shared here:

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  • Ensure you lock your vehicle when you leave. It isn’t a great idea to leave the car unattended without checking the lock and rolling up windows.
  • Find a safe spot to park your car. The first best option is a locked garage. If you don’t have the provision of a garage, then try the driveway. However, assume your vehicle is still vulnerable to theft if parked in the driveway.
  • Park in a secured, brightly lit zone, whether parked close to home or at a distant location. Choose areas that are under constant camera surveillance to safeguard your vehicle.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially in a manner that is visible to others.

Clean Driving Record


Have a clean driving history, so insurers don’t perceive dealing with you as a risky business. Steer clear of claims where possible; otherwise, you will end up paying more on the insurance premiums. If you’re currently classified as a high-risk driver, you can check out the requirements here: sr22 insurance alabama

Unnecessary Claims

Don’t claim every accidental scratch and dent in your car that happens along the way. Remember, every claim made affects your future premiums. You will understand the impact when you start a policy renewal request. If you don’t wish to hamper your upcoming premiums or risk ratings, then don’t claim for little things. Be mindful and make critical claims to reap the utmost benefit.

Nominating Other Drivers


If no one below 25 years of age uses your car, you can save on the inexperienced driver excess. Also, if anyone else drives your vehicle then get them listed on your policy so you are still covered if they have an accident. Else, you will need to shell out unlisted driver excess at the time of claiming if an unlisted driver was involved in a road incident – or you may not be covered at all.

Compare Car Insurance


Before renewing a policy, attempt to explore the offerings of other insurance providers, so you don’t have to deal with the rising premium costs. Found another reasonable policy that gives you everything you need? Just switch the company, we say.

Today’s car insurance services are made available at your fingertips. All you have to do is log in and ask for an online car insurance quote. Can you see how simple it is to compare prices and purchase a policy? Go ahead and get a plan in a flash.

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