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6 Different Types of Kitchen Cabinetry You Will Love

Struggling to choose the best kitchen cabinets for your space?

In that case, this article can provide you basic information about the most popular and trendy cabinetry options of the 21st century. So, spare a few minutes, and read this article further.

1.Shaker Cabinets

Do you know that shaker cabinets are the most common and stylish cabinetry in the market? This style includes five pieces of flat-panel that give it a unique and distinctive look. If you are looking for trendy, timeless, and chic cabinet options, shakers are ideal for you. The primary reason why they are always in trend is that they have a simple and classic feel.

In addition to it, you get both contemporary and traditional vibes from these cabinets. These kitchen components have many trademark characteristics, such as sturdy construction with premium wood and flat paneled doors with rail frames. If you are looking for high-quality cabinetry, then look for options in shaker cabinets online at Walcraft Cabinetry.

2. Louvered Cabinets

These cabinets contain horizontal wooden slats that give them a beautiful look. They are easily available in the market but, unfortunately, at a higher price tag. Due to a unique and stylish design, louvered cabinets offer an elegant and chic feel to your space.

These cabinets are also excellent options for spaces that need ventilation. This is because most of the louvered doors have enough room between each slat. Moreover, slats are also one of the reasons that catch the attention of viewers. You also need to know that their sleek and elegant design makes them perfect for accommodating in the kitchen.

3. Glass-Front Cabinets

Do you have an eye-catching and gorgeous collection of dishes, slates, and other crockery items? Then, why not showcase them and make an impression in front of your guests?

You can do this by adding glass-front cabinets to your space. Not only do they help you display items you are proud of, but they also improve the functionality of your cabinets. When you see your kitchen items behind the glass, you can easily and quickly reach them. Besides giving an elegant and pleasing look to your space, it also protects kitchen accessories from hard-to-clean grease and dust.

You can introduce lights inside your glass-front cabinetry. It will brighten up your cabinets as well as improves your kitchen ambiance. Hence, it will highlight what you are trying to display.

4. Slab Cabinet Doors

This is another kitchen cabinet you can incorporate into your space. The slab cabinets have a flat and smooth door without any panels, edges, detailing, and cutting. Despite having a simple and straightforward door style, it can help you bring richness and depth to your cabinetry. Because of their catchy and captivating feel, cabinets with slab doors are also known as flat panel cabinets.

You also need to know that this style comprises a single, smooth piece of plywood, wood, or MDF. They also come in a wide range of veneers and finishes, such as grey, glossy white, or natural wood tones. Based on your preferences, you can introduce sophisticated and classy hardware to your cabinets. But you always have the option to go for no visible hardware.

5. Beadboard Cabinets

Thinking of creating a modern farmhouse or charming cottage-style kitchen? In this case, incorporating beadboard cabinets in your space is an ideal option for you. The best part of these cabinets is that you can style them in both modern and traditional spaces. They are pretty much similar to the flat front-door cabinet, but they have grooved panels on the door.

You can paint or stain them according to your preferences and kitchen theme. No matter what hue you choose, they go well with almost every color option. Make sure to add pretty hardware pieces to the doors to get a finished look.

6. Inset

These cabinets come with inset doors, set inside your cabinet frame, rather than outside the frame like other cabinets. It is important to note that crafting these cabinets is also a challenge, as you need to make precise measurements. This is because you need to make sure that the door sits inside the frame as well as make opening and closing easy.

Additionally, inset kitchen cabinets are one of the most expensive cabinets in the market. However, they are durable and classic and can last for years. You can also easily personalize these cabinets with either non-beaded or beaded inserts.

Bottom Line

So, now you know there is a long list of kitchen cabinets that you can choose from. But all of them have their own features, benefits, and characteristics. This is why, when you are thinking of investing in cabinetry like a off-white shaker cabinets, consider some important factors. These include durability, style, functionality, and maintenance.

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