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6 Amazing tips for creating Whiteboard Animation

You must have seen those videos that look as the content is being hand-drawn by someone on a whiteboard while explaining; these videos styling is called Whiteboard Animation. If you aren’t familiar with whiteboard animation or its styling, then gear up this blog will blow your mind with fantastic tips for creating one of the Whiteboard animations videos.

 What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is one of the animation styles for a video, showing the viewer that the artist is drawing on a white background accompanied by a narration that walks the viewer through the story that has been told within the drawing.

In the start, the artist used to draw images or characters by hand but later on, the animation software made it more exciting and easier. Digital animation made it more efficient and precise. Illustrators now use software to impersonate the drawing part, and the voice-over artist narrates the story of the drawing.

Sometimes it is more than just storytelling. It can explain a topic, discuss a mind-map, educational awareness, or even a sales pitch; it literally can be anything.

What makes Whiteboard Animation so powerful?

Since the last decade, video marketing has become a popular digital marketing style, and animation has given wings to video marketing to take the business plan up in the sky. Video content always engages more than plain written text.

Whiteboard animation is used by many companies to make messages easily heard and preserved. Most companies integrate their marketing plan into a whiteboard animation video to demonstrate their causes in a story to engage more audience.

Whiteboard animation videos can be striking, memorable, and produced with a little cost. It is the best visual content for a company’s web pages and social media to increase brand awareness. It is said that whiteboard animation has an appealing impact on companies due to its educational potential.

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There are the best whiteboard animation companies around the globe that big organizations trust to narrate their brand story through whiteboard illustration.

There are few tips you should know about whiteboard animation before you start it. In this blog, 6 tips are listed below to make your whiteboard animation journey creative and bump-free. Adopt these tips to create a powerful animation with engageable content.

1.  Never start without the script

The first step in whiteboard animation is to write a script for any animation project. The script is the essential part of a customized whiteboard animation video. The narration will be empty without a good solid script, and it provides the foundation to the successive steps like storyboard, illustration, and animation.

Your script should have the beginning, body, and end structure with a strategical distribution of information on every step. The script should cover three questions to build understanding for the audience.

  • Tell your audience what your product/service is suitable for or what problem it will be solving.
  • Elaborate on the process of how your product will be solving the problem or fulfilling the need.
  • Convince the audience that why your product is the best option for them.

It will be best if you keep an explaining and educational tone while writing the script. The whiteboard video does not strike the audience with the sales pitch: it sets the environment first through real-life problem demonstration and then jumps to the solution’s need (need of your product).

2.  Storyboarding

After scripting, you start creating a storyboard for your video. A storyboard is a setting of the scenes in a sequence. The storyboarding is actually the scene numbers that the illustrator, animator, and voice-over artist follow.

It makes the sequence easier for the people involved in the project to know how the story will unfold shot by shot in the video. The storyboard consists of drawing in squares for every shot with a note for the narrator to know what should be done or said during the specific scene.

3. Shouting content

Some people lose interest after watching the video for few minutes, and some stick around till the end. Have you ever thought why? The answer is content. Powerful content can hold the audience till the end of the video, no matter how long the video is.

  • Great and shouting content can make your message heard.
  • Content can change the perspective of the viewer.
  • Content can help you increase brand recognition.
  • Content can help you attract more investors and clients.

Whiteboard animation runs on the content. The stronger the content, the stronger the video will be. If your content has a flow, it will always sail your audience’s boat in the right direction.

4.  Make it colorful

Your whiteboard animation does not need to be black & white only. You can add a color scheme to your animation to make it more fun and attractive. You need to follow the whiteboard animation production process, but you can choose the colors for your drawing.

The colorful drawing will add life to the story. Some best whiteboard animation companies use this approach to make their whiteboard animation video look imaginative and amusing.

5.  Build a connection with your audience

Customize your story characters that personify your audience, and this trick helps your video attract the targeted audience more and make them feel valued. Try to be more accurate while drawing your audience to make it more recognizable for them.

Visual representation helps you to bond with your audience more and let your message be heard out loud. You need to hit your audience’s nerve with the visual representation of their problem to increase their urge for your product or service.

6.  Make it a quality short video

Companies make short videos to grab the audience’s attention and communicate the message to them. People usually get bored with long videos and massive demonstrations. Hence, companies mainly focus on delivering the sales pitch in an informative way that makes short videos worth watching. The whiteboard animation captures the viewer’s attention in the beginning and sets the sales scenario around it.

Wrap it

Use these tips and techniques in your whiteboard animation video, and this will increase the quality of your animation and the quantity of clients.

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