5 Ways to Maximise Employee Comfort in the Workplace

With more employees heading back to their workplace after months of working from home during the pandemic, their comfort has become a key focus for many employers. It’s a known fact that when an employee is comfortable in their workplace, their productivity improves. While they may not always enjoy the tasks they have to do, you can still help them feel happier about being at the office!

There are a number of ways you can create a comfortable workplace while maintaining professionalism and a high standard of work. This can be attained by dressing staff in uniforms that are less formal such as business casual pants or ensuring the indoor space is well-ventilated.

By taking note of the various strategies other businesses are implementing to ensure their team of workers are happy, you can get handy tips on how to put together a wise plan. Read on as we share five ways to maximise your employees’ comfort in the workplace so you can benefit from a happy team and high productivity.

1. Allow Casual Wear Days

Many companies allow their staff to dress in casual wear on Fridays. This has been shown to increase the morale of employees working in the office space. These days can be seen as a form of reward as well as motivation for staff to work harder. This system works well for organisations who have a strict, formal dress code for all their employees.

Another way to relax uniform wearing is to dress your staff in less formal business attire. Give your employees the option of wearing well-designed business casual clothing on days when they’re not meeting with clients. Comfortable workwear such as casual pants and a smart polo will make your employees feel less restrictive and happier while working in the office.

2. Create a Homely Atmosphere

A corporate environment can end up feeling very stiff and formal. This type of atmosphere can make employees feel on edge while working. Where possible, lighten up the work environment by creating a homely atmosphere. This can be done by placing comfortable furniture such as couches in lounging areas or going with a friendly café style for the canteen.

Innovative and quirky décor goes a long way to creating a more relaxed working environment while building brand identity. Areas such as the staff kitchen, meeting rooms and personal working spaces can all be transformed into a more comfortable environment with the simple use of homely décor.

3. Introduce Greenery to the Work Space

The indoor space of an office building can be enhanced with the introduction of natural greenery. Simply bring in some plants. Research highlights the positive influence plants have in increasing performance and wellbeing of employees working in the office. Natural greenery in the workplace also improves the indoor climate, creating a healthier environment for employees to work in.

The benefits of having plants in the workplace are numerous and include:

  • Increased and stable productivity
  • A calmer environment which results in less anxious workers
  • Aesthetically appealing environment to work in

4. Create Private Work Spaces

While an open-plan office space can be a cost-effective way of running your business, it can create a tense environment for your employees. This setup is often noisy, with lots of distraction resulting in many of your workers feeling anxious and stressed. In open-plan workplaces, employees may struggle to focus and concentrate on their tasks which means less productivity.

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Employees who are given more privacy when working are more likely to perform better. They’re able to pay more attention to their work tasks with less distractions around them. They’re also more likely to collaborate with other team members when less stressed or anxious. Private workspaces can be created by setting up personal cubicles for your employees or allocating rooms to individuals.

5. Improve the Indoor Climate

Working in an office building that’s stuffy, stale and too hot or cold is not conducive to a healthy workplace. Managing your office indoor climate is crucial if you want your employees to feel comfortable throughout the day, no matter what the weather is doing outside. This means installing air conditioning systems that helps keep the workplace warm or cool depending on the seasons.

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Ventilation is also essential for keeping the air fresh and clean. Air purifying systems should be considered to minimise the impact of pollen, dust and viruses circulating indoors. Improved indoor air contributes to effective work performance while keeping your employees healthier which means fewer sick days.

Final Thoughts

Maximising your employees’ comfort in the workplace encourages them to come into the office and work productively. More teamwork collaboration will take place and workers will be more relaxed and motivated to produce effective work.

Employees’ comfort will also mean they’re healthier, happier and more positive about their work. And that all leads to higher productivity. So, by using this list of five ways to maximise employee comfort in the workplace, you benefit the team as well as your company!

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