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5 Ways to Increase Holiday Sales in Digital Marketing

The holidays are a time when everyone is looking to buy. Whether it’s Christmas presents for friends and family, treats for themselves, holiday decorations or party outfits. So why not potential customers by them by directing them to your products or services and increase your holiday sales? Here are 5 ways you or your digital marketing agency can increase holiday sales in digital marketing.

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Start your holiday preparations early to avoid stress and panic when it comes around. It’s never too late to start prepping! Make sure you stock up on inventory (especially popular items), create a detailed marketing strategy, create your promotional materials for ads and social media, decide on sales and offers, create budgets for the season and think about what customers you may attract during this time. Look at previous years’ holiday sales analytics to see what went well and what you could improve on as a way to increase your holiday sales through digital marketing.

2. Create Seasonal Landing Pages

Creating separate landing pages for holidays and special events is important to show you’re offering something special. Seasonal landing pages show your customers that they are there for a reason and that you have something to offer for the holidays, whether that be deals and offers, a sale, gifts or holiday themed products or services that you can’t go without! Think about the user experience when creating seasonal landing pages. Make it bold and beautiful yet simple to navigate and clear what you are offering. Make calls to action clear and make sure your site is optimised for mobile.

3. Incentivise With Holiday Offers

When the holidays come around, everyone starts looking for offers and incentives to start buying holiday gifts. Days like Black Friday are great to take advantage of by offering incredible once-a-year discounts that encourage your customers to start shopping! Other than this, you can run pop up sales that last short amounts of time like a few hours or a day to incentivise your customers to buy then and there. Use countdowns, pop ups and email blasts to pile on the pressure and increase holiday sales.

4. Choose The Right Channels

Choosing the right marketing channels is important to reach the right target audience and cater your messages accurately. To reach your customers, you can use social media, search engines, emails, SMS updates with an SMS gateway API, and offline marketing. Each channel is unique and offers content to different audiences. Use your analytics from previous campaigns to find where your audience is coming from and create campaigns that can easily reach them to increase your sales.

5. Utilise Social Media

Everyone and their grandma is on social media – no, literally. So, what better way to reach your target audience and increase holiday sales than by investing time, money and effort into your social media profiles? Each platform has its own analytics where you can see who is following your posts. Utilise this data to create targeted campaigns and calls to action to divert potential customers to your website. You can even cut out the middleman and sell products directly on social media too!

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