5 Useful and Effective Tips in Choosing the Right Ringtone

Cellphones weren’t very common in the early 2000s. It was a luxury that only a few people can afford. There were small phones and flip phones, but no cameras. It was a phone mainly used for calling, texting, and listening to the radio. Some phones allow downloaded music to be stored in their memories too.

But what all these phones had in common was the ringtone. There was no mistake that you’re getting a call when you hear somebody’s choice of tunes. Nowadays, people prefer to keep their smartphones silent or on vibrate. It somehow protects their privacy, after all. There is also less judgment on your taste in music.

But modern smartphones mostly have default ringtones available. What are the best ringtone apps available that can let you choose the music you prefer? How should you choose which ringtone is right for you? Read on to learn more!

1. The Ringtone Should Be Catchy

The flip phones are making a comeback at the same time as early 2000s fashion. Other phone brands re-released some of their older models and sold them for cheap to profit on nostalgia. Sometimes it comes with the generic phone ringtone. Other times, it is in the tune of the current song trend. 

However, choosing your ringtone is up to you. But when it comes to good tunes, the song should be catchy enough. It should be something familiar enough that you can dance to it. That way, you are alert and ready for any calls you might receive. 

Trending songs are always the best choice since it is catchy and danceable. Otherwise, opt for something that reminds you who the caller is. A personalized ringtone is always an option in most ringtone apps. But if it is too much of a hassle to think about songs, you can always choose your phone’s default ringtone. It might sound the same as others, but at least you know it is yours once you hear it.

2. It Should Energize You

We get it. Phone calls can be annoying. No one wants unannounced calls, especially if it was not previously agreed upon. Etiquette has changed a lot. If before you need to make a call before visiting a friend’s home, now you need to text the other person before making a call. It’s courteous and considerate to do so.

Unannounced calls cause anxiety to some people. But there are ways to get you excited to get a call. You can always choose the ringtone you prefer. Always take caution, of course, because some calls may not be a happy one. 

The ringtone should make you excited enough, but not too loud, or it will annoy you. Songs that suddenly go boom are not advisable because they might surprise anyone around you. Nothing too soft sounding either because you might not hear it at all. Songs that gradually increase in tempo are good because you can hear them before the other party thinks you’re ignoring the call.

3. The Song Should Remind You of the Caller

Default ringtones are so last decade. Nowadays, people prefer putting phones on vibrate rather than listening to the ring. But of course, not everyone can feel the vibration while doing something else.

You can personalize ringtone for each person on your contacts list. It can be your friend’s favorite song or your mom’s favorite singer. That way, you will not be confused about why they are making a call. The personalized ringtone also serves as a soft blow as to what the call is about.

4. Choose a Ringtone That Isn’t Too Loud and Annoying

Nothing ruins a good dream more than a loud alarm clock. It can be annoying to listen to it every morning, waking up to noise reminding you that it’s time to get up and go to work. The ringtone you choose should not be just as annoying.

The ringtone should not be a ballad either because it might make you sad. On the other hand, you can also choose a piece from classical composers Frédéric Chopin or Ludwig van Beethoven. Their music is not annoying, and it sounds elegant. Plus, they make you alert. Any trending songs would be nice as well since they are catchy and familiar. 

You have to admit that it becomes bothersome to answer calls when the ringtone gets too annoying. It might trigger anxiety you never knew you had. You might choose not to answer the call because it disturbs your peace. Remember that it’s always best to choose the ringtone you won’t get annoyed with for a long time.

5. Not Too Noisy to Wake Everyone Else Up

No one wants their sleep disturbed. But honestly, no one wants to hear loud banging music as soon as they wake up. The same goes for people who ask their significant other to wake them up with a call. Personal alarm clocks are fine, but getting a call before 6:00 in the morning is just too much.

Make sure to place your phone beside your pillow. The volume should be loud enough for you to hear. Put it in vibrate too, so you can feel the call slightly shaking you awake. Your ringtone should be soothing and just relaxing enough to make you get off the bed and answer the call.

Also, be considerate and make sure your morning call is not any louder than your roommate’s alarm clock. It might cause distress and misunderstanding for both of you.  


Getting a call should not be taken for granted. Sure, it can be bothersome. You might even quarrel with the person on the other line. But it is always best to communicate first before jumping to conclusions. 

Though ringtones are not in style anymore, it is always a great way to remind you that the person on the other line cares about you and what you are doing. It might not always be good news, but it’s the thought that should always count.

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