5 Types of Real Estate Videos Every Realtor Needs to Create

Video marketing is an excellent tool to help in your real estate business. It enables you to stand out among other realtors, connect better with home buyers and sellers and increase your sales and profits.

Where real estate is concerned photographs, are restricted; They can be deceptive. 

There are times when customers have seen a picture of a property, liked and bought it. Only to be disappointed on checking in. The property might have appeared spacious in the photograph was on sight a cramped-up space. Snapshots cannot showcase a character, light quality, or vibes from the neighborhood. When the property has all that and more, show it off; Create real estate videos.

It’s time to transform your business. Learn the 5 types of real estate videos every realtor needs to create.

  • Tell Them Your Story with an About Us Video

People love to listen to a story; And if it is a video, it is even better. People look for a popular agency. Your popularity draws more customers your way. Introduce yourself and gain popularity for your real estate agency with an “About us” video.

Contents Of the “About Us” Video

With your “about us” page on your website, you introduce your business to the world. It is the same with the introductory video. Here’s a list of its contents:

Briefly Explain your Beginnings 

Narrate the birth story of your real estate company with the joy of a father explaining his child’s birth. The best part of these videos is the same information that showcases different aspects of your business on your website.

 Modify it into a catchy script to make a video to captivate your prospective customers.

Show them From Where you Operate!

Let them see your office, the place from where you operate. Let get acquainted with you, your team, and your premises with the introductory video.

Let Them Know the Source of Your Expertise

By now, you would have intrigued your viewer; they are waiting to hear more about you. At this point, it would be nice to give them more information about yourself. Tell them from where you come, your certifications, and your designations. Let them taste your success— tell them your sales history. Throw in some personal and professional tidbits that can help your audience connect with you.

Mission Statement

State your key goals and let them know your values.

How to Make an About Us Video Interesting

  • Use 3D animations to make the video look creative, professional, and modern.
  • Capture the attention of the audience with bright colors, lights, and storytelling techniques.
  • Create easy-to-understand videos with infographics and texts.
  • Use keywords to explain your key goals and values.
  • Add a human touch to the video with a voice-over team introduction.
  • Showcase your achievements.

2. Showcase your Expertise with a Knowledgable Video

Your expertise in the real estate business gives your an edge over your competitors. When you know, why not show it off?

Make a video that highlights every area of knowledge in the field. Provide proper arguments for customers to choose you over the competition.

For instance, if you deal in the new construction niche, highlight the merits of buying a newly built home or office. Drive your point with examples of recent and successful sales.

How to Make a Knowledgable Real Estate Video

Follow the steps below to make a great video based on your expertise:

  • First impressions matter— start with a strong statement.
  • Use high-quality images and show the best and premium properties.
  •  Use drones to take ariel shots. Give the entire video a luxurious feel.
  • Stun the audience with dynamic transitions and animated typefaces and a catchy soundtrack.
  • Make them short to enable easy sharing on social media.
  • Use keywords that give an idea of high quality. 

3. Real Estate Promotional Videos

Attract sellers and buyers with guided tour videos. They will help you set up an exclusive listing of properties. It enables buyers to identify their needs with the property you are advertising. 

It also helps renters in an appropriate projection of the real estate. The video may increase their want for the property that they may call on you to schedule an actual viewing.

The advantage is when sellers watch your marketing techniques and get in touch with you to try and sell their property.

Make the Promotional Real Estate Videos Work  

Add a little bit of extra to make the video work in lead generation.

  • Create a video with features to make an ad-focused storyteller.
  • Add a human touch. The customers should relate to the model shown in the video.
  • Use a drone for better shots and a professional look.
  • Insert a soundtrack that emotionally connects with the audience.
  • Focus on the property with glimpses of the surroundings. Adjust the lighting to reflect the setting.
  • Use a CTA for your prospective customers to connect with you on the end slate.

4. Showcase the Surroundings and Benefits of the Property

The prospective buyer is interested in the property and its surrounding. Allow your audience to picture themselves in what could be their neighborhood soon. Showcase all those areas around the property that will benefit the buyer. 

Contents for a Surrounding Video

Show that the property is a convenient locality by showing,

  • Schools, hospitals, and shopping areas. 
  • Parks, playgrounds, and other open spaces.
  • The neighborhood.
  • The bus or railway station and the nearest airport.

Include testimonials of locals speaking of the atmosphere and events in the locality to build trust with the customers.

5. Testimonial Videos

People who bought real estate from you in the past are your greatest asset. Happy and content clients are great hooks in your testimonial video to draw prospective customers and buyers.

Leverage the customer relationships, connect with them in a deeper bond. Ask them to speak of their buying or selling experience with you. Let them narrate how helpful your services are to them and how beneficial their dealings with you are.


You now know how to improvise your marketing techniques through real estate videos. Implement the tips to join the new revolution of real estate video marketing in the real estate business.

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