5 Tips to prepare for class 12 Chemistry

As the Class 12 Board examinations approach, students tend to get stressed out and nervous. They start overthinking, doubt the amount of preparation they’ve already done. Overall, the last few days before the exams are frazzled and exhaustive. The situation becomes even worse for the students of the Science stream. They have to balance the board exam preparation alongside their preparation for the entrance exams such as JEE, NEET etc. 

It is important to note that many students are intimidated by Chemistry and find preparation for this exam tumultuous. Many of them even dare to skip some sections from the syllabus to save time and focus on other subjects. But, they don’t realize that Chemistry is a scoring subject. Scoring well in this subject will strengthen the overall performance in Class 12 examinations. 

You must know that the syllabus for Chemistry in Class 12 is quite vast and expansive. To cover every topic in detail, the students must chalk out a strategy in this regard so that the syllabus is covered accordingly without any needless confusion or anticipation. You will find the five most helpful tips to follow if you want assistance in the preparation for the Class 12 Chemistry exam. The following tips are to be followed to prepare and score good marks in this subject:

  • Prepare an inclusive routine and follow it regularly. It is crucial to plan each step during the preparation. The factors such as the difficulty level of the chapters, the time and effort each chapter demands etc. must be considered while preparing a study plan. These factors can only be considered efficiently when you have proper knowledge of the syllabus. Since many topics should be covered as per the syllabus, extensive knowledge about the syllabus is also necessary. You should encompass the time slots for studying various topics in chemistry sufficiently within the routine. Following the routine will help you develop a sense of restraint over unproductive and unnecessary tasks. You must refrain from studying for a long stretch continuously. Your body and mind need sufficient rest and recovery to recollect the information seamlessly. So makes sure that you include sufficient breaks within the study hours to evade fatigue and irritation. Consistency and continuation have to be balanced alongside sufficient gaps and breaks between the study hours. 
  • Rigorous reading from the NCERT textbook is necessary. It is important to read the NCERT textbook for Class 12 Chemistry extensively. Many direct questions are asked in the examination based on the theory provided in the NCERT textbook. It is an absurd fact as there is a shortage of reading materials for the students belonging to the Hindi medium. So, you should check out the Class 12 Chemistry NCERT Book in Hindi here. To increase the chances of scoring decent marks in your exam, you must cover all the topics along with diagrams, graphs and solve exercises given in the textbook. Other books should also be used for reference to understand the complex fundamental concepts. NCERT textbooks are written in lucid language. So, you can easily comprehend what is written in the text without any difficulty. You can develop a strong understanding of the basic concepts from the NCERT textbook and refer to other books alongside for additional knowledge and immediate clarification of doubts regarding complex concepts. You need to cover three separate sections in chemistry- Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Organic chemistry demands regular practice and a deep understanding of the basic concepts. Physical chemistry involves many numericals and equations, thus  
  • Refer to the Sample papers for additional practice. Apart from reading, you must possess significant knowledge about the structure of the question paper This is when the sample papers come in handy. Sample papers are useful in gauging the pattern of the question paper because examiners usually adopt a pattern for the repetition of questions from various complex concepts. You aim to target those complex topics and fetch marks easily in such questions. You’ll be able to examine your progress and areas of improvement simultaneously as you solve more and more questions from the sample papers. Since time is a major constraint while writing descriptive answers to the questions, solving the sample papers will also establish a steady pace while attempting the questions.    
  • Ponder over the Formulas, Chemical Equations and Reactions frequently. It is necessary to take a look over the various reactions and chemical equations so that you can solve the related questions without any discomfort. Try to understand the idea and concept behind each reaction. You’ll need to rote learn some formulas but you must focus on enhancing your knowledge about these concepts and try to grasp as much information. Rote learning everything is not possible because it will create hesitation and confusion at later stages. So, give preference to understanding rather than rote learning the concepts as far as possible.
  • Adopt the approach that promotes self-evaluation. There is no point in preparation for any exam if you are unaware of the progress you’ve made during the preparation. To recognize the increment in your progress, self-evaluation becomes a necessary factor. You must attempt mock tests as the final step towards a wholesome preparation. There is no point in reading, practising endlessly without testing your knowledge about the concepts. So, attempting the mock tests will help in an honest analysis of your level of knowledge about the concepts. Solving the Mocks constitute the most important part of your preparation for the exam. 

These were the five important tips you must follow to score good marks in the Class 12 chemistry exam. You need to ignore the misconception among the students that Chemistry is hectic and time-consuming. With adequate focus and attention, you will be able to get the desired marks in this subject provided you are willing to work hard to achieve your goal. Proper Hard work and consistency are required during the preparation for Chemistry because you have to cover three different sections, each demanding a different level of understanding of concepts, theories and chemical reactions. Just proceed with positive intent, you will succeed for sure!!

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