5 Reasons to Use Steel in Construction

Have you ever wondered why construction, as an industry, uses so much steel? It seems to be one of those things that we know without questioning why. However, from any vantage point you care to approach the subject, steel makes the most sense any way you look at it. Here are five reasons to use steel you probably never thought about!

1. Convenience of Availability

Most construction projects are the result of winning bids and as a result, there is always a strict timeframe to stay within. Steel is one of the most available building materials as it accounts for greater than 50% of global demand. As a result, you can quickly and easily buy stainless steel online for any needs you may have. From round bars to rectangular tubes, sheets, pipes, angles and plates, it’s all available and probably ready to be shipped same day. Speed is of the essence in construction to avoid going over budget costs.

2. Lightweight Yet Durable

One of the things which laypeople wonder about is why steel is used in construction since it is so lightweight. They wonder how it could withstand the heavy winds of a cyclone or the impact of an earthquake. Actually, that’s one of the main benefits of steel. Indeed, it is lightweight, but it also has the capacity to bend and take impact without losing its shape. It’s easiest to work with when fittings are applied because it isn’t as likely to lose shape during high-stress processes.

3. Steel Is 100% Recyclable

This is something that could cover 5 or 6 reasons in itself! Not only is steel recyclable but the mere fact that it is means that there is little waste. It is said that in North America alone, more than 80 million tons are recycled and that saves enough energy to power almost 18,000,000 homes. Think about that for just a moment! With so much emphasis the world is placing on global warming and finding eco-friendly alternatives to work toward a net zero footprint, steel makes the most sense of any building material you can name.

For more ways to be sustainable with your construction project, check out the infographic below!

Infographic provided by Rock Solid Stabilization & Reclamation, Inc., a soil modification company

4. Energy Efficient and Easy to Maintain

Once insulated, a steel framed building can reduce the occupant’s energy consumption by as much as 50%. Insulation is important because metal buildings will need various appliances running at specific temperatures season by season. However, the hidden benefit here is that steel is easiest of all metals to maintain. You will not need to worry about corrosion and rust and because it is as durable as it is, this saves time and money down the road. In other words, it’s an amazing selling point when bidding a project.

5. Reduction of Impact on Communities

When it comes to time, not only will the speed and availability of steel help keep you within budget, but it will also make less of an impact on the community in which construction is underway. Projects that are faster to complete provide less of a disruption on the community.

Perhaps the best way to sum this all up is that it is a material used in construction that will provide durability and energy-efficiency over long periods of time while adhering to a strong emphasis on sustainability. It is cost effective and easy to source, so for these, and so many other reasons, steel just simply makes good sense in construction.

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