4 Reasons Why Gamers Should Buy Gaming Gift Cards Using Bitcoin

The recent changes in the cryptocurrency market have made it easier than ever to buy products or services online. One of the creative ways you can use cryptocurrencies is to buy gift cards or vouchers which are shopped online. If you’re a gamer, there is no better gift than PlayStation gift cards and the interesting part is that there are myriads of gaming products on the market for platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, just to name a few.

In the past, when you’re buying gift cards using altcoins, you had to first buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency, transfer them to your crypto wallet, and then pay with crypto from that wallet. Presently, this process has been simplified even further with instant direct purchases and minimal transaction charges. So, why should you buy gaming gift cards using bitcoin? This post will discuss 4 reasons why gamers should buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies.

1. Safe and secure transactions

There is nothing more crucial to a gamer than privacy assurance when they’re online. That is the reason why people have opted for BTC to keep their financial information hidden and use virtual private networks to hide their online presence. Altcoins usually provide more safety and confidentiality as compared to fiat currency and bank cards.

Using BTC means that you can pay for your favorite game’s merchandise and gift cards safely especially since numerous financial institutions prevent payments from people in certain locations in the world. But with BTC, you can purchase anything game product or service that you need without disclosing your location.

2. Gamers can earn BTC when playing video games

Pay to play crypto games are becoming more popular with titles like Virtual football Pro, Nord’s War, and Satoshi’s Secret paying gamers little fractions of BTC when you complete missions. The amount that you will earn will depend on the number of your gaming sessions. Furthermore, if you’re an enthusiast of casino games, there is a probability that you can win a lump sum of money just by gambling.

3. Gamers can kill two birds with one stone

Bitcoins are not a mode of payment for buying gift cards, but they are tradeable assets that can either increase or decrease in value. When its price is experiencing a bullish trend, its value can rise by up to $1000. The downside is that it can also depreciate just like it gains value.

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Gamers who buy bitcoin because of its investment value are usually aware of the risks involved. They use BTC to sell merchandise, in-game items, and gaming accessories. Also, they can exchange the BTC for a stable coin such as a digital coin whose value is linked with a fiat currency.

This means that gamers can still enjoy playing their favorite games, buy their in-game items and merchandise, and still make a profit when you buy cryptocurrencies and sell them depending on their present value.

4. Blockchain games create a fair multiplayer gaming experience

The main foundation of BTC is the blockchain, but it offers more advantages than most people think. For instance, game developers are relying on blockchain to design games that do not depend on centralized systems during matchmaking. Matchmaking is typically a centralized affair, but it tends to be quite tedious to match different players who have similar skills. Therefore, most people find it awful when they play it numerous times.

Fortunately, when blockchain technology is employed, the process of matchmaking does not depend on the decisions of a few people. Instead, it employs a decentralized system that is fairer. With it, there is no likelihood of a mismatch during multiplayer gaming.

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