4 Reasons To Add Educational Toys To Your Child’s Life 

Learning is a critical part of human life. Throughout evolution, human beings evolved from cave dwellers to today’s sentient beings by observing their surrounding situations, objects and people and using that knowledge to make a better decisions. Monitoring and analysing the surroundings is a fundamental learning method for human beings, and the baby steps of this process start from when the baby is born.    

Babies are susceptible to their surroundings. They use their senses to analyse the surrounding objects, and they must have access to things that would help them and form a knowledge base they will use in their future life. That’s why providing educational learning toys to your kids at an early age helps them learn fundamental skills like colour recognition, shape recognition, improvements in fine motor skills, etc. Many parents often underestimate the importance of learning and educational toys. Some common statements from parents are, “my child already learns a lot in preschool; she doesn’t need more learning”, or “my child is too small to play with toys”. Such statements come from not knowing how educational toys enhance the factors that affect growth and development in kids. To help them understand that impact and usefulness, here are 4 reasons to add educational toys to your child’s life.   

  • Improved Problems Solving Skill and IQ  

Kids who learn through educational toys early are more likely to have better IQ and problem-solving skills. They have improved memory retention, literacy and coordination in their daily life. The learning toys create a spark of curiosity and imagination and encourage kids to challenge their minds. For example, in the game of building blocks, when the kid starts stacking the block one by one, suddenly the stack collapses due to poor balance and stacking. So in the next attempt, the kid will offer more attention to the balance and avoid the stack from falling. These challenges will prepare them with the fundamental skill to solve problems and keep trying with feedback from the last failed attempt. When they learn this at an early age, they are more capable of facing the bigger issues in life.    

  • Enhanced social and emotional intelligence  

Educational learning toys are an effective way to enhance social and emotional intelligence in life. Playing with these toys helps your kid to understand emotions, practise empathy and better deal with their emotions. The toys put your kid through everyday social situations where they need certain qualities such as leading, sharing, caring, bonding and waiting. When playing with toys, they develop these qualities and better understand how they feel. Playing with toys also enhances their emotional intelligence. They learn to better understand and respond to their happiness, anger, laughter, and sadness. So if you want your kids to grow up to be empathetic and emotionally intelligent adults, you must introduce them to suitable educational toys.    

  • Learning toys are specially made for specific age groups.  

During the early years, kids grow rapidly. Their body and mind undergo massive transformations, which can be challenging to keep up with. At every stage of their age, their brain demands new learning methods, and the learning toys help them satisfy that need for learning. Plenty of research and development and time goes into the development of learning toys. They are specifically designed to cater for the learning needs of a particular age group. That means kids in every age group have different learning needs, and therefore, the parent needs to be aware of choosing suitable age-appropriate toys for them. It’s also important to understand that your kids shouldn’t be playing with the same toys for years. You need to update and keep up with their desire to learn. If you fail to do so, you are directly hindering your kids’ learning process. Playing with the same toys over a long period reduces their problem-solving abilities and creates a stagnation point in their learning. The learning toys for 4 year olds are specifically designed by keeping in mind the learning abilities, grasping power and physical and mental development of 4 year olds. It wouldn’t make sense to buy your 4 year old kid learning toys for 5 year olds. You should also update with time.   

  • Improved concentration  

Today’s kids often struggle to concentrate as they have early access to smartphones which can severely impact their learning system. Introducing your kids to learning toys at an early age help them focus on one thing at a time and complete the task. It helps to increase concentration power in kids and problem-solving skills. When they are articulate and calm when solving problems, they are better prepared to deal with issues and determine their response to the situations. They improve their learning abilities as they can concentrate better on the task. As they are more focused and observe different aspects of the problems, they come up with exceptional solutions. These qualities get improved and polished with time and indeed help them deal with various situations in a better way.  

Introducing your kids to learning toys makes learning engaging and fun also prepares them for the future. The learnings they receive when playing with these toys put a foundation of a knowledge base that only keeps developing richly with time. Parents must be more conscious about the toys they choose for their kids, which determines how their kids will grow up.   

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