4 Health Benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha is an absolute wonder. It is a unique fizzy drink by itself made from a combination of fermented rice, tea and other added ingredients and has numerous health benefits. It is perhaps one of the only few fizzy drinks that even your nutritionist may approve of! Therefore it is not surprising to gauge the fad and frenzy behind its growing popularity. Today, you even have sugar free kombucha variants to help you gain maximum benefits from this one of a kind probiotic drink.

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Explored below are some essential health benefits kombucha provides:

1. Good for Immunity

You must be already aware that your immune system is closely linked to your overall gut health. And kombucha is known to promote gut health by reducing intestinal inflammation and considerably strengthening your gut lining. Being a fermented drink, it is a rich source of beneficial bacteria, which in turn, is considered to boost the immune system, making it an ideal companion for your health. Loaded with the goodness of such properties, drinking kombucha can work wonders for your immune system and overall health at large.

2. Perfect for Liver Health

A section of health experts believes that kombucha has detoxifying properties. And, while substantial research is being done to prove the same, this health drink possesses cleansing properties that cannot be denied. This essentially means a reduced workload for your liver. So, consuming this drink for a prolonged period could lower the impact of stress your liver undergoes to upkeep your bodily functions, thereby ensuring its good condition in the long run.

3. Aids in Body Weight Maintenance

Do you live your drink but not the mountain of calories that come with it? Well, that is why you have sugar free kombucha to bring you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy this fermented alcoholic drink full of beneficial qualities, plus it tastes fantastic and has a minimal calorie count! Kombucha is also a great alternative if you’re looking for a feel-good beverage. You can replace your cola tins or aerated drinks with kombucha and yet get the same refreshing feeling, minus the calories. So if you’re tired of your diet plan and want to gulp a drink that is still in line with your diet goals, kombucha it is!

4. Boosts Heart Health

The health of your heart depends on a combination of factors like regular exercise, a nutritious diet and effective stress management, among others. And you must be already aware that the single biggest obstacle in helping you achieve good cardiovascular health is the heightened level of cholesterol in your body. Meanwhile, there is considerable research underway to prove the positive effects of kombucha in managing cholesterol levels. In an experiment where some rats were administered suitable levels of kombucha while some others were not, the kombucha consuming rats showed reduced levels of bad cholesterol and increased levels of good cholesterol.

Apart from the health benefits mentioned above, kombucha is also known to help combat depression along with medication and therapy. Besides, that it helps you against constipation is another boon. More undergoing research has been attempting to establish the impact of kombucha in minimising the body’s propensity to cancer. Therefore, there is a unanimous acceptance in the health industry about the health benefits of kombucha consumption. So, it is about time you got your kombucha bottles home.

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