4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Sydney Home’s Value

Are you planning on putting your Sydney home on the market? Or are you looking at different ways to protect your biggest investment? Do you plan on renting your home out to tenants and want to fetch a decent monthly rental amount? Or is it simply time to give your home some much needed (and, let’s be honest, long overdue) TLC?

No matter which of the above reasons led you to this article, it’s clear that you – like many other Sydney homeowners – are on the hunt for ways to increase your home’s value. From luscious landscapes to stunning skylights Sydney homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to the ways in which they can increase their home’s value.

1. Start from The Outside and Move In

The first thing you should do when looking to increase your home’s value is to start outside the home. It may sound crazy, but the outside of a home is the very first thing a potential buyer is going to see so it’s important to make sure that, well, they like what they see!

The ROI of painting your home’s exterior is 55% and the ROI for improving your landscape is a whopping 215%. And don’t think that you need to spend a small fortune on installing water features and planting exotic flowers. Many prospective homeowners are actually looking to inherit gardens that look lovely but are low maintenance by using native flora.

Sydney homeowners should keep their plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees native as far as possible. Some wonderful plants that are indigenous to Sydney include:

  • Sydney green wattle
  • Knobby Club Rush
  • Native violet
  • Golden Guinea flower
  • Red Spider flower
  • Prickly Moses
  • Narrow-leaved Bottlebrush
  • Coastal rosemary
  • Waratah
  • Yellow pittosporum

2. Replace that Roof

Replacing your home’s roof is a great way to increase its value. According to a 2013 study, a new roof adds a national average of just under $12,000.00 to your home’s resale value. On top of the monetary value, a potential buyer will have something just as valuable: peace of mind.

You see, an old roof or one that is in a state of disrepair is subject to all kinds of risks. And when those risks rear their ugly heads – usually in the way of a roof collapse or serious leak – the consequences can be disastrous and expensive. And who would want to run that risk when buying a new home? Nobody.

Repairing your home’s roof really does come with its fair share of benefits. In addition to the above, putting a new roof on your home will attract potential buyers because:

  • A new roof has a lifespan of between 20 to 50 years, making it a great investment for the buyer too
  • The new roof adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal and can boost its curb appeal substantially
  • That new roof almost always means improved and increased energy efficiency
  • A new roof is better at repelling water and moisture, meaning that the risk of mould or mildew developing is significantly lower

3. Create Atmosphere

The reason why estate agents stage homes in new developments is to help buyers and investors picture what the home would look like when people live in it. You should apply that same thinking to increasing your home’s value. What can you do to your home that would make a viewer want to live there?

Of course, there is no way to predict what a specific person is looking for in a home. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to appeal to the likes of most people.

Some atmosphere-creating ideas include having an outdoor entertainment area built or installing a wood-fired pizza oven. On the inside, you could look at creating a cinema room, a beauty room, or turning your unused guest bedroom into a bar or games room.

4. Add a Skylight or Two

Another phenomenal way in which you can boost your home’s value – and its visual appeal – is with the help of a skylight or two. In addition to a fair ROI, those who have skylights attract a whole new type of potential buyer: the environmentally conscious!

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There are many benefits that come with installing skylights Sydney property owners need to know about. Skylights add loads of natural light to a space which not only looks great and makes a room feel bigger, but it also brings with it several health benefits. Plus, skylights add architectural interest to a building and can improve a home’s aesthetic appeal, which goes a long way in attracting buyers.

And then there’s the energy savings! Because skylights are so efficient at letting in light, a lower electricity bill can be expected. The same goes for their heat-retaining abilities, those who own a home with a skylight can expect a lower heat bill in the winter months. Who wouldn’t want that?


And there you have it: 4 easy ways to increase the value of your home! Whether you’re looking for a landscaper who specialises in native flora or someone to install your new skylights Sydney is full of contractors who can help you get the job done – and the dollars in!

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