4 Cool and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Getting Valentine’s Day Figured Out Well in Advance

Not every Valentine’s Day celebration ends up being one for the history books. Sometimes you just get her some chocolates, or she gets you a gift card. Sometimes the two of you go on a vacation to Italy. It depends on the year, it depends on the relationship. However, once you’ve segued into comfortable relationship bliss, you may want to plan in advance.

Here we’ll briefly explore several Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you and your loved one. Hopefully, these suggestions help you find something that works.

1. Make Something or Fix Something

How handy are you? Can you “craft” something? Or perhaps you’re a songwriter; can you write a song? Maybe you’re a handyman—how about you fix a leak, or install a fan, or redo the flooring in a room one evening when she’s out of town?

Sometimes the only real cost for a massive project is time, meaning you can get the effect of spending thousands for only devoting hours to the fix.

2. Go on a Trip Together Somewhere You’ve Never Been

So you’re in Seattle. When is the last time you went to Spokane, took a stroll through Manito Park, checked out the ferris wheel from the World’s Fair in the 70s, or road the downtown escalators to the theater?

That trip will cost you time, gas, and theater tickets. If you stay the night, it might cost you a hotel room as well. That’s pretty affordable! Go somewhere you and your lover have never been, and have an adventure. It’s the time spent together, and the novelty of the location, that is the gift.

3. Get Top-Quality Floral Arrangements at a Discount

Did you know you can find some of the most popular flowers at extremely affordable rates around Valentine’s Day? Florists have to move their inventory, after all; you can get some fine prices for delivery with these Valentine’s Day flowers discount options.

Flowers have a big effect, and they’re certainly cheaper than a weekend getaway. Deliver them unexpectedly at her place of work, and watch her heart melt.

4. How About a Kitten?

You know, you can get a kitten absolutely free if you’re savvy. Small pet shops will sell them for under $100, usually; it depends on the shop and the cat breed. If you can have pets where you live, she likes cats, and you don’t have one (or you can stand a few more), this is a fine and affordable option for Valentine’s Day. Cats are pretty affordable after the fact, too.

Seeing Your Boo’s Eyes Light Up Without Destroying Your Wallet

Kittens, surprise flower deliveries, a weekend getaway somewhere you’ve never been, and fixing things up or creating things by hand can all be very affordable gifts this Valentine’s Day. Maybe these are right for you and your lover, maybe they’re not; at minimum, these suggestions will help inspire you to find the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

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