320XC 9 BXR3 RXP : Exactly How Reliable Is the Weapon?

When looking at the 320xc 9 BXR3 RXP, you’ll see that it’s a modular-framed handgun that’s ideally suited for customisation. The brand has a great reputation in the industry, but how does the weapon actually fire for real? Are the claims that it’s one of the most reliable handguns around supported by evidence?

That’s what we seek to clarify here. To be honest, we had kinda already made our mind up before the test, but let’s see if we were right or not.

How Does The 320xc 9 BXR3 RXP Handle?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and as soon as we got this little beauty out of the box, it was lovely in the hand, with a lightweight feel. Ok, if we’re being completely honest, it feels a little top-heavy compared to others we’ve tried. That said, it’s still nice and smooth between targets. 

One of the 320XC’s major benefits is how easy it is to customize it to the individual. It’s possible to change the slide, the grip, the barrel and even the caliber, depending on your needs. Despite all of these great features, the 320XC still has a relatively simple design. 

And What’s It Like For Accuracy

Well, the 320XC 9 BXR3 RXP is not too shabby against this metric either, with 1-2 inch groupings made by our team over 25 yards. There’s little to no recoil, but it will still require a visit or two to the range to get used to the weapon and start hitting what you’re shooting at.

The photoluminescent sights featured make it easy to hit your intended target and move onto the next with the minimum of effort. If you prefer optics, then the Romeo (and soon to be unveiled Romeo 2) are easily installed for a decent enough price too.

And So, What About Reliability?

What can we say about the 320XC in terms of reliability?…and by that we mean how many misfires and stoppages we had. Incredibly, we tried more than 600 rounds in this nifty firearm and we had no issues whatsoever. We even switched between FMJ rounds and hollow points – all of which fired perfectly. 

Sig Sauer makes both 15 and 17 rounds mags for the 320XC, meaning that you’ve got more than enough ammo to do whatever job you’re aiming to do with it. They’re super easy to load and even easier to unload and as 320XC fans will tell you, they shoot straight as an arrow. 

We’ll Have the 320XC Compact Every Day & Twice On Sundays!

So, it would seem that our tests confirmed something that we already know – the 320XC 9 BXR3 RXP is every bit as reliable as they’d have you believe. It’s lightweight, versatile and it fires pretty much every time you want it to. So long as you maintain your 320XC, it will not let you down in those critical moments when you’re relying on it to protect you and your family.

It’s a great choice for a number of reasons, in addition to being a great conceal carry option due to its diminutive dimensions. Accurate, reliable and easy to operate, it offers everything you should expect from a top quality handgun. 

Don’t take our word for it. Go try one out and you’ll just like we did that it’s a keeper.

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