3 signs of prescription drug abuse and the need for outpatient rehab near me

If you’re wondering how you can best cure your current addiction and disease by getting the best recovery process possible, then you need to find a location that can offer your services to help you get clean and sober. Instead of trying to do this on your own – which has lower success rates and higher relapse rates -finding an inpatient program or outpatient rehab near me is the best way that you can benefit from the advice and guidance of professionals in the industry. Since they have done this many times before, they will be able to provide you with guidance and advice necessary so you can learn the coping skills to get clean, how to stay sober in the real world, and how to avoid triggers that can set you off when it comes to using drugs.

Let’s see a few signs of prescription drug abuse that indicate you may need to find an outpatient rehab near me so you can get clean and get your life back on track!

3 signs of prescription drug abuse – why you might need to find an outpatient rehab near me to lead a happy and healthy life

Prescription drug abuse is a common type of addiction that can come from something as simple and plain as being prescribed medications by a doctor after an accident. There are many horror stories of former elite-level athletes who were prescribed drugs after a sports injury – and who become addicted in the process. Instead of being able to fight their way back and stay an athlete, they have a high reliance on this drug and it often ends up taking over their entire life. Doctors need to refrain from prescribing highly-addictive substances to people who are not aware of the consequences. However, prescription drug abuse is a very serious and unfortunately common illness that can occur from taking prescribed drugs, overtaking drugs, or taking prescription drugs way after the intended period. Let’s see a few signs of prescription drug abuse that may indicate it is time to check yourself or a loved one into an outpatient rehab near me!

Not following directions

One of the main warning signs when it comes to taking prescription drugs is not following the advice properly. If your doctor tells you that you are only supposed to take 1 pill every 5 days, and you are taking multiple pills per day, this is a sign that you are using the prescription and you need serious help at an outpatient rehab near me.

Changes in personality

Other warning signs that you are abusing prescription drugs and you should go to an outpatient rehab near me is that you might be experiencing serious personality changes and mood disorders. If you are not acting like yourself, you are more withdrawn, you have mood swings, and people are no longer enjoying being in your company, this can be a sign of abuse.

Physical dependence

If you notice physical side effects as a symptom of withdrawal from your prescription drugs when you’re not making them, this is a sign that you are currently addicted to prescription drugs.


Are you addicted to prescription drugs? If so, you need to find an outpatient rehab near me to get clean, stay sober, and get your life back on track! Although it might not be your fault, you need to get sober so you can enjoy living your life once more.

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