3 Reasons for a Multi Tenant Intercom System

Have you ever lived in an apartment building where your friend had to call you to open the lobby door for them? Do you work in an office that requires you to step outside to let a client in? This can be frustrating and annoying after a while, but there’s an easy way to fix this pestering problem. Installing an intercom system can provide a lot of benefits to those who reside inside a building, as well as the owners of the building. Here are some of the reasons to invest in an intercom today.

1. Enhance Building Security

Office buildings, apartment buildings, and more have turned to a multi tenant intercom system to make sure they are keeping a watchful eye on who comes in and out of the establishment. A standard system will involve pushing a buzzer and having the respondent acknowledge their identity in order to get access to the building. These systems have been upgraded to include a video door station to actually ensure that the person is who they claim to be. This form of door entry acts as a virtual security guard for buildings of any accommodation.

Managing access is crucial not only to maintain building security but also to provide the best tenant experience possible. Installing an intercom system is one simple step you can take to drastically improve how people live or work in your building. With the right tenant intercom, you have a barrier to control who is coming in and out. This can allow even a remote security operation to monitor everything from food deliveries to cleaning people 24/7.

2. Improve Convenience On- and Off-Site

A multi-tenant system can improve convenience by enabling those within condos or industrial buildings to open their doors with ease. A smart intercom system can allow tenants and staff to open doors from their smartphones with a few clicks on an app. This enables off-site and remote property management through an online dashboard where managers can review or revoke access based on individual circumstances.

A tenant is able to remotely operate a door release device without having to rush to the door and unlock it themselves. You don’t want to be waiting hours on end for a needed delivery. Instead, you can be away from your desk or even step out for coffee, making sure that the delivery person is not having to wait for clearance into the building. These intercom systems are a great asset in a multifamily dwelling situation, as well as an industrial building. This is an especially useful method during the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing has been key.

3. Ensure Safe Visitor Entry

These multi-tenant systems are designed to make sure that whoever is in the building, whether it’s student housing or an office building, is being kept safe at all hours. A video intercom system allows for easier surveillance of whoever is entering based on the proper identity. An individual PIN can be provided for temporary access to a visitor based on appointment or by the required time of entry.

These intercom systems usually establish a resident directory, put in place by building operators, to make sure that you are pushing the right button to get the attention of the right person. These intercom systems come in a variety of options that can handle any number of units to make sure there is personalized attention for tenants and visitors alike. The truth is that investing in intercom hardware is the way to go to improve the quality of life for customers, businesses, family members, and residents.

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