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3 Eco-Friendly Features You Should Consider Adding to Your Home

We’re currently beginning to see some of the nasty effects of global warming, and no one can deny it anymore. While no one can save the world on their own, you can always do your part and hope that other people follow your example. If one of your goals is to make your household more eco-friendly, you may need to make lifestyle changes and consider making modifications. You’ll also need to make sure that everyone in the house is on the same page. Here are some eco-friendly features everyone should consider adding to their homes.

MVHR System

If you don’t know what MVHR is, it’s a ventilation system that takes your home’s conditioned or heated air and mixes it with air being pulled in from the outside. This is done through a complex system of ducts, ventilators, and air exchangers. This allows you to reduce the amount of energy that needs to be expanded to keep the room at the desired temperature.

While installing this kind of system will cost you, know that you can stand to make massive savings at the end of the year. MVHR systems can have a dramatic effect on your energy consumption especially if you rely on AC or heating a lot. So, don’t overlook this option and start looking into it in detail if you’ve never heard of them.

Smart Thermostats

You should also consider adding smart thermostats if you use heating a lot. Heating is one of the most energy-consuming functions in many homes during the winter, and if you want to cut costs there while reducing your carbon footprint, smart thermostats are the way to go.

Some of them will shut down and turn on precisely when they need to, to get the most out of your heating system while allowing you to control heating from a distance. If this is something you’d like in your house, look for a model that will be easy to control and install, and that will also allow you to do things like checking your monthly energy consumption.

Reflective Paint and Roof Materials

If you live somewhere that is very hot and gets a lot of sunshine, you should look into reflective paint and roof materials. A lot of people underestimate how powerful reflective technology can be when it comes to reducing energy costs. Some studies have shown that reflective roof paint could allow homeowners to save as much as 30% on air conditioning every year. So, if you want to reduce your reliance on air conditioning, or reduce the amount of energy expended by your system when you’re using it, you should start looking more deeply into reflective paint and technology right now.

Everyone should try to do their part to reduce their energy consumption and its impact on the planet. All of these tips will make a difference, but make sure that you keep learning about the impacts of your actions on the environment and constantly look for ways to be more environmentally conscious.

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