10 Travel Agency Timeline Templates That Won’t Disappoint

You’ve finally decided to go ahead with the plans for a new travel agency. Congratulations, you’re going to have a blast! Now what? Of course, you need a fantastic website and a social media presence – but before that comes to your business timeline. We can’t all afford an agency, so we help each other by creating business timelines for those who need them. This way, the agency owners can focus on other important things, like coming up with a neat business name and discerning between a website and social media presence.


Whether you’re just starting out or have been running your travel agency for years now – these timeline templates will help you get organized and be able to keep up with the times.

Let’s get to it!

Travel Agency Creating a Timeline #1:

ne PowerPoint of your success story and how you started and ended up as a full-fledged travel agency. A simple and beautiful layout that will kind of force you to write at least something about yourself.

Travel Agency Timeline Example #2:

This is for the traveler. It’s ‘high tech’ and complete with a travel bag that opens up to reveal your timeline inside. The font is easy to read but not too ‘clicky.’ It’s both informative and piques curiosity, which will make people want to visit your website. Nicely done!


This timeline shows you’ve done your research and care about having the latest technology to keep in touch with your customers. It looks like an infographic, but it isn’t too busy – great for those that hate overly complicated designs!

Travel Agency Project Timeline Template #3:

Looking for something straightforward? This is it. An easy way of showing where you’ve been, where you are at the moment, and where you’re headed to. The infographic has some striking visuals that will surely get your customers on board.

Travel Agency Timeline Slide #4:

A timeline infographic that allows you to explain more about your business. It’s creative and even has an infographic personalized for you or your brand.

Travel Agency Blank Timeline Template #5:

Here we have something for the traveler and business owner. One infographic shows how great travel is, and the other infographic tells you about your company. Nice work!

If your agency specializes in a specific type of travel, this timeline infographic will do the trick nicely. The way it’s designed keeps all your info close and easy to read.


Travel Agency Timeline Sample #6:

Again, an infographic that caters to both types of timelines. There’s one infographic for your business timeline and another infographic for the personal travels you’re passionate about – note the two different color schemes!

This is a great timeline template design for those that are just starting out. It doesn’t overwhelm you with too much information and lets you take it easy.

Travel Agency Timeline #7:

This timeline template is just for business owners who want to promote their brand and not focus on creating a personal infographic. However, if your customers want more info – they’re all yours!

It is a timeline template that can be personalized. You can also use the infographic to create a timeline infographic that has information about your business and yourself (if you’re comfortable with that kind of thing!). It’s not too complicated, but it does convey some serenity to your brand – which is always good.

Travel Agency Timeline #8:

An infographic timeline that shows a bit of your agency’s history, story, and future goals – all at once. You can also change up this infographic template by adding more graphics and colors if you wish. Moreover, it’s a travel infographic timeline that’s very straightforward with a timeline infographic that’ll help you go from point A to B. We love the infographic-style visuals!

Travel Agency Timeline #9:

Is one infographic not enough for you? No problem! This timeline template comes with two infographics – perfect for when you want to show how well your social media presence is doing.

Additionally, this infographic timeline design will get you organized and get your customers interested in what you have to say through a series of striking graphics and colors.

Travel Agency Timeline #10:

This infographic timeline gives you a quick breakdown of your business’ success, growth, and highlights so far. A great infographic to look at for inspiration. Nonetheless, it’s a slightly tricky infographic that shows your agency’s growth with a bunch of images in a line. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely worth looking at.


Timeline Template Maker

We hope these templates help get your travel agency started or keep it running smoothly! And if you want the perfect infographic design to go with your timeline, check out Venngage’s infographic maker. We have hundreds of infographic templates to choose from and a team of infographic makers to create the perfect infographic for you.

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