10 Things to Know Before Undergoing a Nose Job

Your nose is a dominant feature of your face. And if the shape of your nose is not proper, it ruins the symmetry of your entire face. Hence, the nose will take the attention away from other beautiful features of your face. Non surgical rhinoplasty or a nose job is a cosmetic surgery that helps change the shape or size of your nose.

Nose surgery is pretty much common worldwide, and you need the right nose surgeon to do the procedure. There are many prerequisites and precautions you need to take the day before the surgery. And you will have to follow steps in addition to medication and therapy after the procedure.

This article will discuss the things you should understand before deciding on nose surgery.

The ten things you should know before you go for a nose job are as follows.

1. Go with a realistic expectation

The nose job won’t make a person look extremely attractive all of a sudden, but it is a mere correction or alteration of the shape of the nose. The nose job may change the look of your face a little bit, but you need to have a discussion with your surgeon about the final results you can expect.

2. Apply for leave before the procedure

Nose surgery is a complex procedure. You can’t take a half-day leave and get the surgery done and return to your office the same day. You need to take at least two weeks off for this surgery.

3. The initial appearance could be different

The nose/skin may experience swelling and redness, but that’s normal after the surgery. The surgeon will prescribe medication and anti-inflammatories to reduce the pain. You may feel like the shape of your nose hasn’t become what you had expected, but never panic in this kind of situation. Keep calm and wait for the swelling and pain to wear off.

4. It’s not just for females

There is a misconception that the nose job is only popular among women. On the contrary, men are also getting their nose jobs done. There’s no difference in procedure for both genders, and men can also look better by going through this procedure. In fact, more men are undergoing these procedures than ever before, and it’s not just the nose they are altering. The men go for nose, chin, breast reduction, and many more surgeries.

5. You need to be in good health

The procedure cannot be performed if you don’t pass a few diagnostics tests. You may have some lifestyle diseases or other issues which may pose a hindrance to this surgery. The surgeon may ask you to quit smoking and other drugs before and after the surgery. If you are not keen on following these guidelines, you may not be eligible for the surgery.

6. Choose the right surgeon

The nose job is a procedure that needs a lot of experience and skill, and there are a lot of surgeons who specialise in this particular area of surgery. Always choose a nose surgeon who has experience and certification from the certifying authority. You can find out more about the skills and experience of the surgeon through your friends or relatives or someone who has already undergone nose surgery successfully.

These are the things you must know before undergoing nose surgery and ensure that you select the right surgeon for the procedure.

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