10 Luxurious Farm Houses situated in Bangalore for Weekend getaways

The tourism and hospitality industry has seen a transformation in the wake of COVID-19. The disruptive changes are reverberating across the globe, and new trends are surfacing as people alter their preferences for where they spend their holidays. One of the most popular trends in the increase in staycation is that people seek a break from their daily routines without travelling outside city limits.

A staycation is a travel option that is growing in popularity compared to traditional hotel rooms is an overnight stay at one of the luxurious farm houses located in Bangalore and the other cities in India. Mainly, the warm Bangalore climate makes it an ideal alternative for city residents seeking out nearby vacation destinations. The farms and Resorts in Bangalore, which are located up to 35 or 50 km from the city’s gardens, are prevalent, especially with young couples and travellers. Many have visited these places on numerous routes from Bangalore, followed by a short stay in these beautiful resorts. There are many things to do in these locations, which means that you will have plenty of enjoyment even travelling with kids. There are other local attractions that you can explore and add some excitement to your travel plans and for a low admission fee payable by the interests. If this idea is appealing, consider following the following guide to find the top choices to plan your next trip.

1. Redstone Suites and Redstone Villas

If you are looking for the most fantastic weekend trips in Bangalore, Redstone Villas and Suites is among the top choices for a getaway. The residence is situated 10 km away from Bangalore. To build this gorgeous homestay, the redstones were used. The rooms of the house are large and offer plenty of sunlight. There are all the needs here as well as high-speed internet.

2. Serene Mist Resort

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned farmhouse with a pool area in Bangalore and surrounding areas, you should look into Serene Mist Resort. The resort is situated 25 kilometres from the city, and it is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing getaway with your loved ones. It is possible to wake up with the stunning mountain views and breathe in the fresh air. In addition to the many amenities, the swimming pool is an excellent attraction for guests. If you have pets at home, take them with you as the homestay is pet-friendly.

3. Astam

Astam is, without doubt, one of the most luxurious farm houses located in Bangalore to stay. The hotel is situated near the outskirts of Bangalore and is renowned for its wooden cottages. Each room in the place comes with an area for dining, a sofa, and a fully equipped kitchen. This means you can cook your favourite meals and eat when you like. It is also possible to visit the patio of the cottage for time with your loved ones.

4. Hasiru Farmhouse

It is located 24 kilometres far from Bangalore; Hasiru Farmhouse is situated on 2 acres of property. It is a 3-bedroom farmhouse close to Bangalore airport. It also features an exclusive pool. There’s also a gathering place where you can spend time dancing to your pals. If you’re travelling with many people, additional beds are available. The farm is surrounded by a lot of greenery. Therefore, you can take in the fresh air.

5. Kadackal Farms

It is among the farm-to-table resorts located in Bangalore that are known for its traditional farmhouse style. The farmhouse is just 20 miles from the city, yet it is a peaceful retreat from the bustles and snarls of Bangalore. While staying here, you can enjoy the country feel and a tranquil environment.

6. Elephant Country Homestay

It is 40 kilometres from Bangalore to get to Elephant Country Homestay. The beautiful and colourful homestay is famous for its beautiful lush green surroundings. While you enjoy the country lifestyle here, you also have the option of digging into mouth watering dishes. Breakfast options that you will find in this area include Continental or Asian. It is possible to enjoy stunning views of the garden and relax in the hotel. Additionally, they ensure the best cleanliness; thus, you don’t have to be concerned if you stay in the hotel during the outbreak.

7. Yogisthaan

If you’re bored in your city and would like to head to a farm in Bangalore to host a party, Yogisthaan is the place you must visit. You will find accommodations along with a restaurant and a gorgeous garden. One of the best things is that the homestay is located just 8 km from downtown. It’s a beautiful location to spend some quality time with your family, friends or both.

8. The Anantha

The Anantha is the perfect spot if you’re a fan of modern conveniences. In addition to accommodation, it also comes with the shared kitchen to attempt your hand in cooking. It’s a beautiful location to unwind on the weekend. There is free parking and free internet access, comfy and comfy bedrooms, a laundry area, and other amenities. Here.

9. Pura Vida

Two bedrooms, a lounge area and a pool. The patio and courtyard are what you can expect to find at Pura Vida. The site is clean and has the most extensive collection. If you’re an owner of pets and you have pets, you’ll be delighted to know that pets are welcome in this place.

10. Silver Oak Farm

Because the farmhouse is located close to Nandi hills, you will be able to admire the stunning panoramas of hills. If you’re in the area there, you can savour delicious organic meals. Silver Oak Farm can be described as one of the homestays in which you can count on top-quality service and facilities.

If you enjoyed one of these locations, you could contact them to get a better idea of the costs they charge. These lavish farmhouses can be a fantastic option to gain the most value for your money. And when you have a massive group of family and friends who want to travel together, you can rent the entire farm for private time without having to worry about any strangers who are sharing your space.

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