10 Different Types Of Rare Sneaker Terminologies That Everyone Must

The sneaker market is worth 2 billion AUD in Australia as of 2021. Sydney is one of the major cities known for its highly fashionable youth population who are enthusiastic about sneakers. Rare sneakers in Sydney have quickly become one of the most lucrative investment options for sneakerheads and enthusiasts. A pair of Air Jordans retailed at $260 about a year ago, and now its value has gone up to $700. Like many other subcultures, the sneaker world has its own vernacular. It is a global lingo used by sneakerheads all over the world. Those who are interested in acquiring collectibles must be familiar with them.

The sneaker culture is an ever-changing space that requires passionate enthusiasts to pay attention and risk appetite. So essentially, what may seem excited today may not be so tomorrow. But certain historic terminologies and abbreviations are here to say, which may seem foreign to the novices in the game. By visiting the site you can know this about 먹튀검증

Air Force 1(AF1)

AF1 or the Air Force One is one of the most popular sneakers manufactured by Nike. They used the infamous Nike Air technology to manufacture and launch it, originally in 1982. This popular sneaker silhouette has been through 1,700 texture and colour variations since its debut and is one of the most collected pairs of shoes.

Air Jordan 1(AJ1)

The infamous AJ1 or the Air Jordan 1 is an original design by Peter Moore produced for the basketball legend Michael Jordan in 1984. It had risen to a legendary status back when it was launched and has been popular ever since. Nike also returned the design and re-released it in 1994, 2001, 2004 and 2014 to 2019 under the retro banner. It is one of the most revered pairs of rare sneakers that brought about the birth of the sneaker collection world.

Air Max

Air Max is a Nike technology designed in 1987 to provide maximum impact protection on repetitive landings. Due to its popularity, the 26th March of every year is marked as Air Max Day.


Everyday sneakers that people wear without necessarily considering their condition or freshness.


Bespoke is a one-of-a-kind sneaker designed by Nike at Nike’s 21 Mercer location. They offer personalised sneakers with special combinations of materials, finishes, stitching and labels, offering a unique experience. The term means ‘made to fit’ or ‘made to order.


Ultra-Boost and other such sneakers from Adidas have a cushioning technology in their silhouettes called Boost.


A common colour combination found in Air Jordan models, i.e., black and red, is bred. It is reminiscent of the team colour sported by the Chicago Bulls.


Rare sneakers that once had a high demand in the market, which people bought for a high price but cannot resell for a reasonable profit. The sneakers that stay stagnant, like bricks without a good resale value, are called bricks.


The main colour combinations of a pair of sneakers that differentiates it from its counterparts of the same model are referred to as colourway. Often, the colourways of the shoes from the basis for their nicknames.


Artists and manufacturers create custom designs to satisfy the needs of a client using an existing model. They could have variations in the colours, designs, material. They are called customs.

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